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his is a conglomeration of my favorite hubs. Most of them are political addressing the many, many ways our government is terrorizing our country right now. Some are just fun, some are serious, and one is a personal experience I thought be would helpful to others using veterans' facilities. I hope you enjoy them.

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Top 1

What If You Could Really Have Idiots Arrested?

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This is a satirical piece based on actual law. Yes, once upon a time it was illegal to be an Idiot. Take a gander and see how we could use this to our benefit to kick these morons out of the Whitehouse!

Top 2

Obama and The Progressives

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A little music with our politics as the Dems lie, lie, lie their way on the campaign trail. Fun for the right, not so fun for the left!

Top 3

To Hell With You Progressives: Post Racial America My Butt

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This hub was created when the racism accusations were flying high and wild in early 2010 by the NAACP and others. My family is black and white and I am sick to death of hearing about racism.

Top 4

Obama Supporters Read This!

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Small rant about political correctness, and an explanation for those who collect welfare and don't know where the money comes from. Just doing my civic duty to keep you informed!

Top 5

SEIU and Bank of America

Slight lesson on SEIU, what they are capable of, and unions in general. Unions are not your friend anymore America.

Top 6

Barack Obama, Stop Lying To America

My answer to the frequently used lie by democrats that the GOP is blocking bills from passing. I am sick of people not understanding the truth, or understanding and purposefully lying. This is me fighting back.

Top 7

George Soros and Incompetent Progressives, TeaPartyTracker

Inspired by George Soros' dump of money to start up I say dump because that's what you do with trash and is nothing but trash. Then again, everything Soros touches is trash.

Top 8

Mad World: A Song About Our Children's Futures

A thoughtful rant regarding the coming of Islam set to the Gary Jules video/song, "Mad World."

Top 9

Government 101

This is a hub response I wrote to an Obama lunatic stalker.

Top 10

Federal Income Tax: One Extreme To The Other

After reading a tax article written by Stephen Ohlemacher, April 7, 2010, I was shocked by two of the comments in the comment section going from one extreme to the other. I was horrified. This is quite enlightening.

Top 11

Chris Christie 2012?

Simple article with video regarding a conversation with a union teacher in New Jersey about what the teachers can do to keep their benefits and to keep from being laid off. I won't be happy until this man runs for president!

Top 12

Albuquerque VA Hospital Experience

I wrote this after my first exam/visit to the Albuquerque VA Center. I was aware of many "horror" stories out there in the public and I wanted to share my experience and give others hope.

Top 13

About Breitbart, Sherrod, NAACP, WH, Fox News, and the LSM

Discussion on what happened with Breitbart, Shirley Sherrod, the NAACP, Whitehouse, Fox News and the very lame stream media.

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I hope you come away from my writings knowing something you didn't know before. If you like any of them, great! If not, you are probably somebody I wrote about and that's great too!

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