Best Review - Top 13 Cool Offensive Halloween Costume Ideas


re you looking for best selling and cheap offensive Halloween dress up ideas? Searching for funny and awesome hilarious Halloween costume for sale 2012 -2013? If yes, then you come into the right place. Here will share with you top rated midly offensive dress for Halloween party.

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Top 1

You In Bed With A Hot Blonde Costume

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Our You In Bed With A Hot Blonde Costume features a one-piece bed tunic that makes it look like you're in bed with a hot blonde. The costume features a pillow and bed background, attached blonde head, blanket and a his and her pair of legs and slots for your head and arms to come out.

Top 2

Down For The Count Costume

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Hilarious Down For The Count Costume features a vampire cape, shirt with attached vest, nude pants with dropped trousers and removable inflatable date with lingerie. Definitely a great choice for Halloween show stopper

Top 3

Condom Costume

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Condom Costume features a comfortable, over-the-head Royal Nights condom with outrageous imprints.

Top 4

Genie in the Lamp Costume

Genie in the Lamp Costume features a green and gold vest, matching hat, gold wrist cuffs and genie lamp waist strap with Rub Me print.

Top 5

Plus Size Eat Me Banana Costume

Plus Size Eat Me Banana Costume features a pullover banana tunic with "Eat Me" logo.

Top 6

Runaway Patient Costume

Runaway Patient Costume features a harness with attached pole, I.V. bag and tube, hospital gown, tights with attached fake butt and thermometer.

Top 7

Toilet Seat Costume

Toilet Seat Costume features a lightweight, one-piece toilet seat with toilet paper and faux poop.

Top 8

R-Rated Fireman Costume

R-Rated Fireman Costume features a red fireman's hat, axe, yellow jacket and belt with attached "hose".

Top 9

Awesome Halloween Costumes Ideas 2011

Are you looking for unique and creative looking costumes ideas for this year Halloween party? Searching for best selling and cute Halloween costume designs that make other drop off their jaw when they saw you?

Top 10

Funny and Ridiculous Baby Costume Ideas

Looking for best selling and cheap infant Halloween costumes ideas on this holiday? Searching for best deal and discount Halloween costumes for kids and toddlers that make you laugh when saw it on this Halloween?

Top 11

Hooters Waitress Costume

The cool Hooters Waitress Costume features a white t-shirt with Droopers logo and attached droopy bosoms and orange shorts

Top 12

Master Baiter Costume

Our Master Baiter Costume features a fishing hat, vest fishing rod, fish and "Master Baiter" nametag.

Top 13

Happy Ending Massage Costume

The Happy Ending Massage Costume features a red t-shirt with "Hung Long's Massage Spa" logo and jock strap with mechanics and massage lotion hand held hair pump to control the size and movement of the stuff.

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