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lanon is an organization that is open to anyone who is upset or bothered by someone else's drinking. That means, of course, that nearly everyone is welcome! At the meetings, we use the 12 Steps to learn how we can improve our own lives, and create a more harmonious homelife, whether the drinker is able to stop drinking or not. The 12 Steps that we follow are based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. If you are interested in learning more about Alanon, or if you are a person who wants to read some thoughts on the Alanon 12 Steps, this series of articles will help you.

Alanon is for anyone who is affected by someone else's alcohol abuse
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Taking the First Step in Alanon

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The Alanon First Step asks us to admit that we are powerless over alcohol, and that our lives are unmanageable. What we immediately realize is that we are powerless over ALCOHOLICS! And, yes, they have made our lives unmanageable.

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Taking the Second Step in Alanon

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The Alanon Second Step asks us to believe that there is a Power out there that is bigger than we are and that this Power can help restore our lives to sanity. If things have seemed pretty crazy lately, we all desparately want this step to be true!

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Taking the Third Step in Alanon

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The Alanon Third Step asks us to make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to this Higher Power ... whether you believe the Power is God or it has some other spiritual identity for you. However you understand God, turn your will and your life over to His Power.

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Taking the Alanon Fourth Step

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In the Alanon Fourth Step, we are directed to take an inventory of ourselves. That means that we need to write down all the good and bad characteristics we have. To make it easier, Alanon has a super booklet called "Blueprint for Progress."

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Taking the Alanon Fifth Step

Once you have completed your Alanon Fourth Step Inventory, share it with God, and then share it with at least one other person ... usually your sponsor or a close Alanon friend. Honestly admitting that we are not perfect is very refreshing!

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Taking the Alanon Sixth Step

Would you like to have your Higher Power remove your worst defects? The purpose of this steps is to just recognize that there are some things about yourself that you don't like, and you would like to change. Only God can help you do it.

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Taking the Alanon Seventh Step

Once you have admitted and accepted that you have some undesirable character traits, in this step you will humbly ask your Higher Power to remove them.

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Taking the Alanon Eighth Step

Now that you have admitted that you are not perfect, and asked God to remove your character defects, you are going to make a list of people you have hurt in the past. Once you have completed your list, get ready to make amends to everyone possible. Your going to clear your conscious, so you aren't carrying all these resentments and bad feelings around.

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Taking the Alanon Ninth Step

Now is the time to contact people you have hurt in the past, and make amends. There are exceptions, however. If making an amends to one person will hurt them or someone else, don't make them! Don't compound your past mistakes.

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Taking the Alanon Tenth Step

You've turned your live over to God and tried to repair damaged relationships. Does this mean that we are never going to make a mistake, get angry or hurt someone again. Of course not! Moving forward, we will need to continue to take personal inventories and, when we realize we have said or done something wrong, we will promptly admit it. That's the only way we can clear our conscious, and move on.

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Taking the Alanon Eleventh Step

How can we keep ourselves out of trouble? We will begin to practice prayer and meditation. In this way, we will stay in closer contact with our Higher Power, and it will become easier for us to carry out His will. We'll also have fewer relationships that we will need to repair.

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Taking the Alanon Twelth Step

Once we have taken the other eleven steps, we are going to make them a part of our daily lives. Not only will we continue to practice the steps, but we will carry the message to other people who may be suffering because of a loved one with an alcohol problem. But, we don't take the message to them by lecturing. This is a program of attraction. If you are living a happy life despite the alcoholics, other friends will want to improve their lives, too.

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The 12 Steps of Alanon have helped millions of wives, husbands, parents and adult children of alcoholics find a new approach to life. If you believe you need Alanon, there are meetings available in nearly every community. The members there will welcome you. They've been through some terrible difficulties, too!

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