Best Review - Top 12 steps for Middle School lesson plan: Bully Jake and Eddie


his is a Fight or Flight lesson plan for grades 5 to 9. It is built around a story called "Bully Jake and Eddie." Steps 1 to 9 include the links to all nine sections of the lesson. Step 10 gives you the link for the entire lesson plan.

Debbie Dunn is a professional storyteller, a published author, a past school teacher of fourteen years, and a Conflict Resolution Specialist. For more information about Debbie, please visit her website of

Fight or Flight Instincts Lesson Plan
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Top 1

Fight or Flight Lesson Objectives

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Clicking on this resource link leads you to the following 10 items:

Character Traits Addressed
Conflict Resolution Strategies Addressed
Other Concepts Addressed
Cognitive/Instructional Objectives
Emotional Objectives
Behavioral Objectives
Glossary of Terms
Lesson Length
Links for Teaching Posters for Classroom Use
Links for all the Fight or Flight stories and lesson plans

Top 2

K-W-L Model

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Here are the K-W-L Model discussion questions that introduce this story to the class.

Top 3

Fight or Flight Vocabulary Terminology

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Students will learn about the Fight or Flight terminology covered in this and other Fight or Flight lesson plans.

Top 4

Fight or Flight Story #1: Bully Jake and Eddie

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Here is a story scenario you can use to help teach about the VICTIM-VICTIMIZER CYCLE in action. The two characters who interact together are a bully named Jake and a boy named Eddie. The story is called “Bully Jake And Eddie.”

Top 5

Fight or Flight Story #2: Jake tries to rebuild his trust level with others

Here is a story scenario you can use to help teach about the possible consequences of having the reputation of being a bully. It also demonstrates the slow process it takes for a former bully to try to re-gain people’s trust. Do you remember Bully Jake and Eddie? Jake is seriously worried. A friend of his, a former bully, got framed and placed in the Alternate School. What if that happens to him as well? How do you regain people’s trust when you’ve been a bully for years? Will anybody ever be willing to trust Jake again? The story is called “Jake tries to rebuild his trust level with others.”

Top 6

Popcorn Review

Here is a quick story comprehension review to use after students listen to the teacher read this story.

Top 7

Fight or Flight Role-Play #1: Bully Jake and Eddie

This is a Fight or Flight role-play appropriate for middle school students. It is based on the story called “Bully Jake and Eddie.”

Visit this page to get the link to the PDF file for the scripted role-play to print for classroom use.

Top 8

Fight or Flight Role-Play #2: Jake tries to rebuild his trust level with others

Students participate in another scripted role-play called “Jake tries to rebuild his trust level with others.” This is the sequel to the first role-play.

Top 9

Bloom’s Taxonomy Discussion Questions

There are six levels in the Bloom's Taxonomy discussion question process. After reading "Bully Jake and Eddie," the teacher will ask questions from all six levels.

Level 1 - Ask the Knowledge Questions.
Level 2 - Ask the Comprehension Questions.
Level 3 - Ask the Application Questions.
Level 4 - Ask the Analysis Questions.
Level 5 - Ask the Synthesis Questions.
Level 6 - Ask the Evaluation Questions.

Top 10

Follow-Up Writing Activity

Students will write about the six Bloom’s Taxonomy Questions for the Fight or Flight tale called “Bully Jake and Eddie.”

Top 11

K-W-L Model

Here are the final K-W-L Model discussion questions to use as a closure activity to conclude this Fight or Flight lesson plan.

Top 12

Middle School lesson plan: Bully Jake and Eddie

Here is the entire Fight or Flight lesson plan found on It was written by Debbie Dunn. She is the School Conflict Resolution Examiner at the national level for

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I hope you and your students have found this Best-Reviewer Top to be very helpful as you address the various conflict resolution topics in your middle school classroom.

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