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op 12 scam words to avoid when making an online purchase. There are many online scams on the internet today and the internet scams list is growing by the hour.

There are many enticing words on the internet that have the ability to lure you in, to steal your wallet. It is your hard earned money that pays the bill at the end of the day, and if you run into the right internet scam your wallet will continue to pay that bill for months to come. That is until you fix the fraudulent purchases with your credit card company.

In order to avoid these online scams you must be a smart consumer, which is why you are now reading this article. You have now taken the big step of being a smart safe online consumer.

Scam words to avoid! Avoid being scammed online by reporting online scams today!
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Has your mother and father not told you yet? Nothing in this life is free! If you see the online scam word "free" be sure to flee!

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Free Trial

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Why is the online company giving you a Free Trial? The answer explains everything. What is the answer? They will charge your credit card after your trial is up, weather you tell them to or not!

Top 3

One Time Fee

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Why do they have to tell you there is a one time fee? If you see the scam words one time fee be sure to flee!

Top 4

Free Stuff

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We all love free stuff! However as I said before nothing in life is free. Gotta pay to ship!

Top 5

Work at Home Job

Working at home is great right! The problem is my definition of work does not entail giving a company my money, it should be the other way around right? 99 % of online work from home jobs are total scams.

Top 6

Free Help

Is the word "Free" starting to get repetitive yet? If someone is dedicating their valuable time to help someone on the internet, why would they do it for free? If the internet did not pay us, only the rich could afford to sit here all day and give you free advice.

Top 7

Free Debt Consulting

Just hearing the word debt and free in the same phrase scare me enough. Why would a huge debt consulting company help you for free? How are they still in business?

Top 8

Free Debt Relief

Did we not already go over this scam phrase? I hear debt and free again in the same sentence, beware!

Top 9

Test Products Free

Why would you test products for free? They should pay you to test their products. Looks like you better stick with a solid online survey website like Opinion Outpost if you want to test products free. You also get paid to test them. Never pay to do online surveys or you are being scammed!

Top 10

Free Weight Loss

Who is really going to give you the tips to their hard earned success for free? Who is going to sell you a pill or an idea on the internet for free? If you find someone please tell me. Other than the Weight Watchers points system there is no free weight loss programs. Free weight loss equals scam! I will post a Weight Watchers point sheet below. If you know your weight and height you can check your points truly for free below.

Top 11

Free Prize

We all want a nice free prize, however free prizes have to be earned online. I have yet to hear of anyone doing nothing to win a free prize anywhere. If you want to earn a prize for free then you can sign up with Points2Shop. Using Points2Shop you can do simple things to earn amazon items, or even cash. It is a pretty cool website that is totally legit.

Top 12

Free Survey

Like I said before all online survey websites should be totally free. If they are not then they are scammers. I make hundreds of dollars per month with my online survey website I mentioned above. I even breakdown why this particular online survey website is so special. Other than that, do not trust any company that talks about free surveys online, as they are scamming you!

Join a legitimate online survey website below. Scam free website! Who would have thought I would use those three words in a sentence. I really hope this information helps you avoid online fraud and internet scams. Please pass this information on as you see fit.

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In the end you must know the online company that you give your credit card information to. Now days all online purchases require you to give them your bank or credit card information. This is a big responsibility and most companies do not honor that great responsibility. Thus you end up paying much more for what you might have at first thought was a good deal. It is safe to purchase online products; it is just up to you to do the work as to not be scammed.

These companies work very hard in enticing you in to steal your credit card information so they can overdraw and perhaps even overdraft your bank account. In the world of online consuming you have to be your own advocate. For if you are not your own advocate you are bound to run into internet fraud. Internet credit card fraud is the most notorious and you have to be your own personal regulatory agency to keep it in check. For it is up to us the consumers to keep online fraud in check.

Always make sure you watch for the top 12 scamming words that online companies will use to swindle you out of your hard earned money. For more information about how to avoid online scams just go to the Hubpages article I have written entitled “Scam Alert! Words to Watch out for when making an Online Purchase.” It is up to us to prevent further internet scams in the future.

So in the end we are the future of the internet and the futures online shopping experiences we have two roads for the internet right now. The first is a road where no one trusts the internet. Therefore no one makes online purchases, which ultimately leads to the ultimate demise of the internet entirely. With the fall of online purchases the internet literally is flooded with junk, and falls apart. The second road is a world that moves towards online consumerism, and go to the internet for all their product needs. A world where anything you want is only a finger click away. From there the internet then booms and everyone who relies on the internet for income has great success. Then the entire world feels safe when shopping online, and everyone is happy. Well everyone except for the online scamming companies whom have been driven out of business.

Now is our time to decide what we are going to do about online scams. Are we going to report online scams, or just allow online fraud to continue? If you want to report an online scam just go to my original Hubpages article and go to the report scams link on that article which directs you to my website at eraofgreen which allows you to report online scams of any kind at the complaints board. It is our duty to clean up the internet from costly online scams, so start today and report any online scam that you have been a victim of now.

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yup, free is often anything

yup, free is often anything but....