Best Review - Top 12 Perception Cards plus Rules to play Perception Game with your Students


his is a spin-off game based on the discussion questions for the story called “Six Blind Men and the Elephant.”

The goal of this game is to demonstrate that sometimes we make an assumption that we know what someone must be feeling by the visual and verbal cues that we perceive. A lot of the time, we have gotten a totally wrong impression and therefore, base our reaction on this misinformation.

Link to the downloadable 30 Perception Cards. Teacher should download these cards, cut them out, and laminate them for long-term use.

Perception Cards 1 to 6 (see link below)

Perception Cards 7 to 12 (see link below)

Perception Cards 13 to 18 (see link below)

Perception Cards 19 to 24 (see link below)

Perception Cards 25 to 30 (see link below)

This game is appropriate for both elementary school students and middle school students.

Six of the Perception Cards to illustrate article
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Perception Game (grades 3 to 8)

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Here are the rules to the game.

Top 2

Perception story: Six Blind Men and the Elephant

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Here is the story called "Six Blind Men and the Elephant." The game is based on this story.

Top 3

Perception Video and Slideshow: Six Blind Men and the Elephant

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Here is the video and slideshow of the Six Blind Men and the Elephant. The game is based on this story.

Top 4

Perception skit: Six Blind People and the Elephant

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Students will divide into groups and perform a skit for the class called “Six Blind People and the Elephant.”

Top 5

Bloom's Taxonomy Discussion: Six Blind Men and the Elephant

There are six levels in the Bloom's Taxonomy discussion question process. After reading "Six Blind Men and the Elephant," the teacher will ask questions from all six levels. The links to each level are included below:

Level 1 - Ask the Knowledge Questions.

Level 2 - Ask the Comprehension Questions.

Level 3 - Ask the Application Questions.

Level 4 - Ask the Analysis Questions.

Level 5 - Ask the Synthesis Questions.

Level 6 - Ask the Evaluation Questions.

Top 6

Perception writing assignment: Six Blind Men and the Elephant

Students will write about the six Bloom’s Taxonomy Questions for the Perception tale called “Six Blind Men and the Elephant.”

Top 7

Perception Lesson Plan (Grades 6-8): Six Blind Men and the Elephant

This is the Lesson Plan Hub page for "Six Blind Men and the Elephant." Links to all seven sections of the lesson are included.

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I hope you enjoyed playing the Perception game with your students as well as reading and hearing the story called "The Six Blind Men and the Elephant."

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