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ere is a collection of educational websites and technology resources that can make learning more enjoyable and easier for teachers, parents and K-12 kids. Technology changes where we learn. It changes who we learn from. It changes what is important to learn. And it changes how we learn. Here are my reviews of the best learning websites I've used in the classroom and at home.

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Best Websites for Kids Poems

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Here are 12 of the best poetry websites to get kids excited about writing and reading poems. Kids love to write poetry. Sometimes they struggle with choosing the right word. Or they're unsure if they have the right format. Many of the websites described below make that task easier. Then kids can focus on their creativity... on making pictures, music and movement with words. A few of the websites described below also give kids the opportunity to submit their poems and have them published online. Several of the sites also have poetry lesson plans for teachers.

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Kids Research Websites

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Parents, are you looking for websites your child can use to write a research paper, term paper or essay? Teachers, do your students need primary sources? Take a look at the many free educational resources reviewed here. These are the top 12 research tools I've used as a teacher and parent with my kids and teens.

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Interactive Telling Time Games

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Throw out those clock worksheets! Learning to tell time with free interactive clock games is the way to go. Here are seven websites that make telling time fun. They include conversions for digital (numbers) to analog (clock face) and words for time in all kinds of combinations. A couple of the sites also have activities for calculating lapsed time - an important skill for older elementary students

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Educational Clipart for Teachers and Students

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Need images for your school project? Take a look at these websites with thousands of teacher and student clipart resources for school projects, websites and publications.Finding kid-friendly clipart for math, science, reading, writing, geography and sports can be a chore. The websites reviewed here all offer their images free of charge to schools and school organizations such as PTOs and PTAs. Not just royalty free - but FREE free.

Top 5

Math Homework Help Websites

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Does your child struggle with math or just need help with a few problems? These top 12 websites will help your child learn math concepts and help them with math homework. Math is the bane of many students. The web offers a broad range of tutorials, videos, games and even homework helpers.

Top 6

Best Lesson Plan Websites

Here are thousands of free lessons plans in all subjects from this list of 12 of my favorite lesson planning websites. They include guided lesson plans, project based learning and problem based learning lessons for K12 students - great resources for both teachers and homeschooling parents..

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Top Science Fair Projects Websites

Students will find hundreds of projects, experiments, and help on these 12 top free websites. Are you looking for science fair project ideas, plans and advice? Some of these sites provide ideas. Some give you step-by-step instructions for conducting experiments. Some provide advice on creating projects -- including award-winning ones -- for science fairs. And some have help forums where you can get help when you're stuck. Many of these sites have videos to illustrate their experiments.

Top 8

Financial Literacy for Kids and Teens

Parents and teachers, help kids learn about money - making it, saving it, and managing it - with these free websites. Many of the sites reviewed here have interactive games to make learning money management easier and fun.

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Freeware for Students and Teachers

There's a rich variety of free webware and software that helps students, teachers, and homeschool parent-teachers share their learning with other students, teachers... even the world. Paper and pencil are on their way out. The typewriter is ancient history. Freeware is taking over. Here I review my favorite free software and webware that can be used for all subjects.

Top 10

GED Practice Websites

Are you looking for GED online programs and practice tests? Here, I review more than a dozen free practice test sites, and several prep courses to help you get your GED - the best option for homeschoolers and many teens who drop out of high school.

Top 11

Study Tools for Tests and Exams

Need help studying for your next test? Whether you're a child studying for a spelling quiz or a college student prepping for a chemistry exam, these free online study tools can make studying easier and productive - maybe even (a little bit) fun! Cramming for exams is the last thing most of us want to do. We put it off to the last minute. We review what we know and skim over the harder stuff. And our grades show it. These ten interactive study tools can help you focus on what's important and make the most of your study time. The list begins with tools helpful to the youngest learners and progresses through study websites useful to students of all ages.

Top 12

Best College Advice, Funding and Planning Websites

You don't need to pay hundreds of dollars for college advice courses. There are many excellent websites that can help you with all parts of college planning. Practice for the SAT, ACT, or PSAT. Choose a college OR have a college apply to YOU. Submit your college application online. Get tips on writing college application essays. Learn about extracurricular activities that can help. Participate in forums where you can learn from other parents and students who've been-there-done-that.

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