Best Review - Top 12 Highest-Paid Office Administration and Office Staff Jobs


ere are the office administration and office staff jobs with the highest salaries in the U.S.

Executive secretaries are highly paid because they're a big help to the managers. Many secretaries are even privy to the personal lives of those they serve. And there have been a significant number of executive secretaries who later became big bosses and owners of their own businesses because they learned from their masters and they took supplemental busines management courses.

Of course, those who manage offices earn more because they manage all personnel in the office, except the bosses.

The following are the top paid office administration and top office staff jobs in all industries in the country as of May 2011, based on the U.S. Labor Statistics' studies on wages and occupations as of May 2011. The numbers are Annual Mean Salaries.

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Top 1

Office Supervisor -- $52,330

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Office supervisors keep the office smooth-flowing. They make the working lives of managers easier because they handle the nitty-gritty of office work so that the managers can focus on big-time company problems.

Top 2

Executive Secretary -- $48,120

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My image of executive secretaries is usually those I see in movies -- attractive women in high heels and business clothes, with pen and paper in their hands, and telling the boss "you have a meeting at, your wife called, your daughter needs,,." Well, this image is not very far from reality. There have been executive secretaries who were able to move up and became managers.

Top 3

Production Planning Clerk -- 44,900

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This clerk assists the production engineer in making production process schedules.

Top 4

Legal Secretary -- $44,310

This person works in a law firm or a corporate in-house legal department and assists lawyers in the preparation and filing of documents or in researching information.

Top 5

Brokerage Clerk -- $43,800

This clerk helps securities brokers in handling and managing records of financial transactions.

Top 6

Communications Equipment Operator -- $40,800

Top 7

Statistical Assistant -- $40,540

Top 8

Cargo and Freight Agent -- $40,680

This person helps manage the incoming and outgoing shipment of cargos for freight forwarders and other transportation businesses.

Top 9

Computer Operator -- $39,280

Top 10

Desktop publisher -- $39,030

Top 12

Payroll Clerk -- $38,080

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