Best Review - Top 12 A Grandparent's Guide To Choosing Age Appropriate Toys


tatistics found at the US Census Bureau show that
1.3 million children are looked after their grandparents
everyday. Grandparents are famous for spoiling their
grandchildren which is quite often done with toys.
Grandparents today come from an era when toys were
just toys and if accidents happened though those toys,
it was considered fate or a lesson learned by the child.
Due to the size of the toy industry, it has attracted many
whom are not familiar with manufacturing safe children's
toys or whom simply disregard this facet for safety.

Followings are some guides for grandparents buying toys:

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Top 1

What Age Group is the Toy Appropriate For?

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Look for information on the packaging indicating the
age group the toy is considered appropriate for. Also
consider the age of the siblings of the child whom you
are buying for. Make the toy appropriate for all of them
as they are all going to take a hand at playing with it

Top 2

Who Are You Buying The Toy For?

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--Buy the toy for the child and not for yourself trying
to satisfy an unrealized want that you had as a child

Top 3

Most deaths of children from toys are caused by choking.

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-- Any toy labeling that states not appropriate for
children under the age of 3 should be avoided if
there is any child in the family under 3. Check for
small parts on a toy to ensure it is sturdily affixed
to the main body as children seem to gravitate to
these parts and worry them. Teddy bears have
eyes that might be removed. Small balls are a
favorite of children but if the diameter is less
then 2 inches they should be avoided. Rule
of Thumb: If you think a toy or a part can fit
inside a toilet paper role, then what you are
considering is too small.

Top 4

Look for sharp edges or points

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Children put everything in their mouth
at some time or another. Is there anything
on what you are considering which could
hurt them if they fell on it while playing?

Top 5

Do the toys make loud noises?

Children's ears are very sensitive and still
forming. If the toy is too loud for you don’t
buy it. Continued exposure could affect
their long term hearing.

Top 6

Toxic chemicals are one of the really scary parts of getting toys for children.

They can be present in crayons, play
make-up, toys made with plastics,
toys painted, even art supplies.
Children chew on everything.

Top 7

Are there strings, ribbons or cords on the toy?

If there are and they are longer than 12
inches that could be a strangulation hazard.

Top 8

Battery toys are safer for children

Electrical toys that are plugged into the
wall present a possible hazard because
of the electrical cord. Battery toys are safer
but need to be checked frequently to ensure
the battery cover is tight and secure.

Top 9

Before buying toys on the Internet like auctions

Make sure to check with the Consumer
Product Safety Commission the official
Federal Agency website They have
information about toys including recalls,
reports, alerts. Their website is found at

Top 10

How heavy is the toy?

Will the child be able to control it.
Tricycles, wagons, toy cars quite often
fall into this category. Will you always
be on hand to supervise the child while
they are playing with it?

Top 11

Purchasing videos for children

The following information must be kept
in mind when purchasing videos for children:
EC is for very young children
T – is for teens and not appropriate for children under 13
E – is best for everyone.

Top 12

Are the toys educational but still fun?

Is the child’s particular attributes
applicable to what you are looking
at? Just because you had something
you enjoyed when a youngster does not
mean your grandchild will feel the same way.

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In closing, can you remember when children were allowed to pull out the
pots and pans from the cupboard and spend hours with them? Some times,
the best times are for free and just being together is where the value lies.
Be a vigilant shopper and protect your grandchildren.

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dragonangel16137's picture

wow thanks for these tips, i

wow thanks for these tips, i would not have thought about some of those that you posted. I have a four year old so this actually helped me as thank for sharing it...I will def have to let my parents know as well some of them as I am sure they probably wouldn't of thought of some of the tips as well!!