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hether it is spring break, winter break or your kid's summer vacation from school, you may be trying to come up with some fun and new ideas for ways to spend that time as a family. This article is full of fun places to visit, interesting amusement parks, and even some simple activities you can do with your kids at home. Enjoy the time you can all spend together as a family. It will create lasting memories.

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The Fairmont Orchid Hotel: One of the Best Family Resorts in Hawaii

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If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, plan to spend some time on the Big Island. It has an active volcano, beautiful beaches, charming towns, mountains and even a working ranch. Plenty of things for everyone to enjoy!

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Family Fun: Your California Beach, Golf and Disneyland Vacation!

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If you want to take a golf vacation, your spouse wants a beach vacation, and the kids want to visit Disneyland, this article gives you helpful information to show you just how easy it is to do all three ... on the same trip! This article gives you places to stay, golf course information, restaurants, hotels and more.

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Universal Studios Hollywood, a review

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If you're planning a trip to Southern California, you may want to spend a day at Universal Studios Hollywood. Here to can go on a multitude of amusement park rides, see stuntmen perform, learn how special effects are created, and even drive past many movie sets. However, this fascinating amusement park may not be right for everyone. Learn more.

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Cheap Hotels near Disneyland

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If you are planning a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, you probably plan to spend most of your time in the amusement parks. Do you really need to stay at the most expensive hotels in the area? This article gives you information about the Good Neighbor Hotels that are endorsed by Disney, and are convenient to the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure theme parks.

Top 5

Enjoying Your Laguna Beach Vacation

One Orange County community that is a terrific tourist destination is Laguna Beach, California. This thriving arts community boast gorgeous beaches, darling shops, art galleries, art festivals, fabulous hotels and a wide variety of restaurants. Learn more about this town before you arrive.

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Hiking California's Laguna Coast Wilderness Areas

Do you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, bird watching or just exploring California's widerness areas? Just outside the charming artist's colony of Laguna Beach you will find a magnificent wildlife preserve with plenty of trails to fascilitate exploration. Be sure to make this a part of your Southern California vacation.

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Exploring Charming Avila Beach California

Are you trying to find a beach town that is quiet, quaint, uncrowded and off the beaten path? You may be interested in visiting Avila Beach, on the Central California coast. This tiny community is dog friendly and has several lovely hotels and spas ... but not so many that the community feels crowded.

Top 8

Your Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky Vacation

If you live in the midwest ... whether you're in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana or another nearby state ... one family trip you won't want to miss is a visit of Mammoth Cave in Central Kentucky. One of the largest caves in the United States, it has a fascinating history, and a variety of different tour possibilities.

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Looking for an exotic travel destination outside the United States? Why not take your family to visit Jamaica? This friendly island nation south of Cuba is populated by English speaking residents who will welcome you. Fabulous music, lovely golf courses, and gorgeous beaches.

Top 10

Summer Activities to do with Your Kids

When kids are off school for the summer, they often get behind in their school work, In addition, parents often miss this great opportunity to help their children learn some skills that they will need for the rest of their lives ... such as how to cook and sew. Here are some fun, yet educational ideas for keeping your kids busy at home in the summer.

Top 11

Crochet Projects for Kids

Children often love to learn new crafts, and even children in elementary school can enjoy learning how to crochet. If you want to pass your skill on to them, this article will give you some great ideas for beginners.

Top 12

How to Enjoy Teaching Children to Cook

If you teach your children how to prepare their own simple breakfast and lunch when they are young, you will also be preparing them for adulthood. Here are some great suggestions for easy meals that your kids can learn to make.

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Whatever activities you have chosen from this list, embrace the time you get to spend together. It doesn't matter whether you took a fabulous trip to Hawaii, strolled through Universal Studios Hollywood, or just stayed home and taught your little ones to cook and crochet. The activities you do together will create lasting bonds.

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