Best Review - Top 12 Classroom Management and Conflict Resolution Teacher Tips


hen children misbehave in your classroom, it disturbs the peace of mind of the teacher and his or her fellow classmates. It also disrupts the learning environment. When children enter your classroom already feeling conflicted from a negative interpersonal interaction that happened in the hallway, bathroom, cafeteria, school playground, school bus, or at home, you might find it useful to implement some of the tips and suggestions included in these articles.

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Slideshow - Conflict Resolution posters to view and print

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Check out the slideshow below to get links to the Conflict Resolution display posters that you can view and print.

Top 2

Three essential Classroom Rules for any grade

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What are the three essential classroom rules that will work for any grade level? Read full descriptions of how to teach and enforce these rules in this article to help create a more peaceful classroom environment.

Top 3

Positive and negative consequences for classroom behavior choices

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An explanation of positive consequences for good classroom behavior and negative consequences for bad classroom behavior that help create a peaceful classroom environment.

Top 4

Improve your teacher-students interactions (a classroom management story)

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Do you have some students who frequently misbehave? Do you want to improve your interactions with those students? This story demonstrates that you simply need to change the radio frequency you are broadcasting and to alter the way you dance with them.

Top 5

Does a lack of Conflict Resolution skills cause problems today?

Read my response to an editor from a teacher information site who asked me some key questions about the lack of conflict resolution today.

Top 6

Teaching Conflict Resolution to teens versus to younger children

Read my response to an editor from a teacher information site who asked me some key questions about the difference between teaching conflict resolution techniques to teens versus younger children.

Top 7

How to develop students' Conflict Resolution Skills in grades 7-12

Read my response to an editor from a teacher information site who asked me how middle school and high school teachers could help to develop their students’ conflict resolution skills.

Top 8

Conflict Resolution 101: How to teach conflict resolution

Teaching conflict resolution works best, with elementary school students and middle school students, by combining it with the concepts of communication skills and character education strategies. You might even want to call your class or unit by the generic title of Communication Skills or the 3 C’s:
* Communication Skills
* Conflict Resolution
*Character Education

Top 9

Conflict Resolution 101: How to get students to participate in class discussions

Here are some of the “tricks of the trade” that give students more ownership of the classroom and activates a lot of eager student involvement.

Top 10

Conflict Resolution 101: Conflict Resolution test

Here is a pre-test to administer at the beginning of teaching Conflict Resolution techniques. At the end of the quarter or unit, administer the same test to see how much your students have learned. An answer key is provided. Feel free to copy, paste, format, and print this test to use in your classroom. For your convenience, a link to a pre-formatted test is provided in the form of a PDF file.

Top 11

Conflict Resolution 101: How to use K-W-L Model to begin and end every lesson

Overview of the K-W-L Model

The concept of the K-W-L Model was created by Donna M. Ogle in 1986. The K-W-L is an acronym for three key questions. You ask two of the questions at the beginning of the lesson. The K question asks “What do you KNOW about the given lesson topic?” The W question asks “What do you WANT TO KNOW about the given lesson topic?”

At the end of the lesson, the L question is asked. This question asks “What have you LEARNED about that given lesson topic?”

Top 12

Conflict Resolution 101: Microphone Usage & Role-Play Procedures

Note to the Teacher: Here are several suggestions for an ideal classroom set-up to teach students to get comfortable with oral speaking, character education, and conflict resolution.

Do you like this top?

As a result of reading and implementing the tips addressed in these twelve articles, hopefully your classroom behavior will be much improved.

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Nice share, and very incisive information.

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