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Does Google deduct taxes from those of us working outside of the USA?

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Taxing is always a difficult topci. Does Google help us to file our tax declaration? Do they deduct taxes from those of us working outside of the USA?

Top 2

Who holds the single-game, major league record for most putouts by a first baseman?

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Historical records and high scores in baseball are always a very popular topic.

Top 3

Microsoft Windows 8 Release Date?

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Windows 7 was a big hit especially when we compare to Windows Vista. It is clear that the next version should match high expectations. Additionally there is a mobile version, Windows Phone 8 will also make its debut soon.

Top 4

What is the story behind the band name "The Doors"?

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Music is always a hot topic for internet searches but I did not expect that so many people will google for the band The Doors although they were active only between 1965 and 1973.

Top 5

What does a sabbatical mean?

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Did ever wonder about the meaning and the origins of the 'sabbatical' when you heard someone saying that he is going to take the sabbatical leave?

Top 6

How many moles of C are in the following?

Chemistry is always a difficult topic, especially ethane.

Top 7

What maps are in the Close Quarters expansion for Battlefield 3?

The lates expansion set of Battlefield 3 features a number of new maps. It is obvious that are curious about the list of maps in Close Quarters expansion.

Top 8

Would you include Handfasting as part of a wedding ceremony?

The wedding ceremony is a popular topic among women so answering such questions you can build pretty good traffic - and revenue of course.

Top 9

When does Zelda skyward sword come out for the Nintendo Wii?

Well, it looks like everyone is excited about the release date of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Nintendo Wii. If you can ask (or answer) questions which generate such a buzz then you are on your way for high revenue.

Top 10

What is octance no of gasoline and how it works?

Gasoline is another topic which generates huge traffic. Everyone has at least one car in the US and they are thinking about gasoline and alternatives like ethanol.

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Dave's picture

Just ran across your post

Just ran across your post about WebAnswers. it was nice while it lasted, but unfortunately, things have changed. WebAnswers has been mostly down and unreachable since September 2. Very few members have been able to log in and post anything since then. Google has been actively deindexing the entire site. Barely 5% is left to go. Once pages are deindexed, they no longer come up when people search the topics. If customers cannot find the pages, they cannot click any ads. Most members who have been able to get on the site have been talking about zero earnings.

There are a growing number of problems with the site that all indicate it is near death. Deindexing, down time, dwindling participation, very few new members, very low traffic, no revenue, etc. etc. It cannot last much longer. I can no longer recommend this site to anyone. Use the downtime to bid the site farewell and move on to bigger and better opportunities.