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hould you, your child, your friends, or other family members be subjected to bullying, there are 12 actions that can really help. Although each action is helpful, it is best to do a combination of these tips to really avoid being the target of bullies.

For example, using good posture around bullies instead of slumping is helpful; however that one technique alone will not discourage a person determined to be a bully. You need to combine that action with making eye contact with the bully instead of looking down or away. In addition, as the lyrics to the “My Bully Buster Song” suggests below, it is helpful to smile and laugh instead of frown or cry. Additionally, it is always helpful to remember to take at least one deep calming breath. This sends oxygen to your brain. Suddenly, your wonderful brain will supply you with the ideal words to say or the optimal technique to try next.

Lyrics to My Bully Buster Song

Stand up straight, Baby, don’t you slump.
Look ‘em in the eyes, Baby, not at your feet.
Smile and breathe. Smile and breathe.
Smile, Baby. Smile, Baby. Smile and breathe!

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Tip #1 to avoiding bullying: Use good posture

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Using good posture is not just good for your health, it also helps you NOT become a target for a potential bully.

Generally speaking, bullies are looking for easy targets. They are looking for someone who lacks self-confidence and is easily intimidated. Does your child have good posture? If so, great. If not, it is almost like your child is drawing a target on the enlarged surface of his or her back inviting a bully to hit or kick or push. Having bad posture is an indicator of low self-esteem.

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Tip #2 to avoid bullying: Use good eye contact

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There are multiple benefits to making good eye-contact with others. It demonstrates active listening. It allows you to make personal connections with others one-on-one or when giving a speech. It also helps you NOT become a target for a potential bully.

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Tip #3 to avoid bullying: Smile and laugh

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Smiling at others and displaying a good sense of humor is not just a sign of being a friendly person, it also has two other benefits: it is good for your mental health and it also helps you to NOT become a target for a potential bully.

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Tip #4 to avoid bullying: Practice Deep Breathing

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Remembering to take deep, calming breaths is not only good for your health, it also helps you to NOT become a target for a potential bully.

Breathing is one of the most important activities that we, as human beings, can take part in. You scoff and say, “We all breathe. We don’t have to think about it. Why make such a big deal out of it?” The focus of this article is not addressing the shallow-type breathing that most people utilize on a regular basis. Yes, that shallow breathing sustains your life force; however, it does not bring you any feelings of peace and well-being and wisdom.

On the other hand, when you breathe consciously and deeply on a regular basis, you will notice fountains of wisdom and answers to questions and problems that you had not previously considered.

Top 5

Tip #5 to avoid bullying: Save your tears for a safe place

Crying and venting sometimes feel necessary in order to release negative feelings; however, it is important that your child not allow a bully to witness those tears. Finding a private place to cry helps you to NOT become a target for a potential bully.

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Tip #6 to avoid bullying: Spend time with friends

Having friends feels good as it gives you allies and a support system. Being a good friend enriches your life even more. Having friends and being a good friend also helps you to NOT become a target for a potential bully.

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Tip #7 to avoid bullying: Practice your talents and skills

Practicing your talents and skills benefits every aspect of your life. It helps you feel good about yourself. It helps others feel positive feelings about you. It also helps you to NOT become the target for a potential bully.

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Tip #8 to avoid bullying: Tell an adult you’re being bullied

Bullies are counting on the fact that you either won’t be believed or that you won’t have the courage to report that you are a victim of bullying. Telling an adult who you trust helps you to NOT become a continued target for a potential bully.

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Tip #9 to avoid bullying: Practice good hygiene

Using good hygiene is extremely important. It helps you remain in good health. It helps you foster your friendships and relationships with others. It also definitely helps you to NOT become a target for a potential bully.

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Tip #10 to avoid bullying: Practice your social skills

Learning good social skills is not just vital to having healthy interactions with people all through your life, it also helps you to NOT become a target for a potential bully.

Practicing good social skills is of utmost importance at any age. It benefits the person remembering to use the skills and it benefits the people who interact with that person.

Top 11

Tip #11: to avoid mob mentality: Divide and conquer

Divide and conquer by interacting with bullies one-on-one at a calm moment. As a group, that mob mentality takes over and they become overly aggressive. Making connections with each one individually helps you NOT become a target for a gang of bullies.

Sometimes your child might have to face just one bully. The other eleven articles in this twelve-article series will be most helpful in that situation. Sadly, sometimes children have to face a gang of bullies. This is extremely challenging and hard since that gang often operates under a mob mentality where it appears that there is little you can do stop or stall them.

Top 12

Tip #12 to avoid bullying: Self-Mentor rather than getting revenge

Bullying usually perpetuates a chain of pain of bullying back or bullying others. Instead of getting revenge, self-mentor. Find ways and activities to make yourself feel better as this too helps you to NOT become a target for a potential bully.

Things happen to all of us that makes us feel stressed. Whenever we feel any kind of stress, we have three options. We can explode in some manner, we can implode in some manner, or we can self-mentor.

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Practicing a combination of the skills taught in these twelve articles, you or your child should have a much better chance to remain bully free.

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