Best Review - Top 11 Unusual Money Making Ideas that Really Pay


ired of the same old suggestions on how to earn extra money on the side? Well here are some unusual jobs people can get to supplement their income.

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Fake an Illness

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Remember Kramer? You too can fake an illness and get paid! Medical facilities training doctors and nurses in various scenarios pay for you to act like you're sick but don't tell your mom!

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Be A Nude Model

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If you're not shy and could care less what people think about your body, art students don't care about your imperfections. They just want people to use in their artwork.

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Bands are always trying to find merchandise to sell at their shows. Make up some t-shirts, photos, pins, buttons and magnets - everybody wants to shine!

Top 4

Do Simple Tasks for Money Online

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Check out Amazon's online area for clients who need someone to test their websites, check out their online forms and make sure everything works before launch. You be the test person and they pay up to $20 for one task!

Top 5

Scalp those Tickets!

Got tickets to sell? Why not sell them higher than what you paid for them? There's no problem selling them online when you know where the market is. Anywhere, any venue and any time - just check it out!

Top 6

Sell Your Dogs Sweater

Have you seen those cute little pooches in coats and sweaters? So adorable but if you add an advertisement to the sweater suddenly you're in the cash!

Top 7

Be a ChaCha Guru

No it's not a dance - but you can answer questions about dancing! Try ChaCha and be a guide. It's easy with no sign up fees and you'll be answering questions for money in no time.

Top 8

Shoot Some Heads

Everyone knows someone who thinks they'll make it big and you can be their photographer with a digital camera and a printer. Musicians, actors and entertainment acts always need updated photos.

Top 9

Be a Real Secret Shopper

No fees to sign up - check out the real companies who pay you to do what you love either from home or in the real world. You can make money shopping!

Top 10

Part Out Your Body

You can be George Costanza! He was a hand model in Seinfeld for one of the episodes and truthfully - it's a real job. So if you think you've got what it takes - you might just be rolling in the cash on your perfect parts.

Top 11

Sell A Piece Of Yourself

Blood Banks and Fertility Clinics pay between $25-200 just to get a little piece of you - weekly! Why not give to someone who needs what you've got?

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