Best Review - Top 11 Things you might not know about fitness


ost people know something or other about fitness and dieting. Even when you don't know HOW much you might actually know.

But there may be aspects of fitness and diet that you have not thought about. This ariticle shows you 10 pieces of information that might just help you create your very own fitness or diet habit that will actually stand the test of time and really last.

What you don't know about fitness
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Avoid the WHAT THE HELL Effect

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Dieters are specifically subject to something known as the "What the Hell!" Effect. Where you screw up and do something you shouldn't and say, "What the Hell! I already failed, I might as well go off the deep and and enjoy it"

Check out this article to find much more about the reasons for this effect and ways you can combat it, to help you improve your chances of successful diet and fitness.

Top 2

Hawthorne Effect

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What is the Hawthorne Effect? How can it help you to succeed in dieting, fitness and just about any habit change? Find out how!

Top 3

Quitting Cold Turkey May Be Wrong

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Many people try to change their bad eating habits by simply stopping cold turkey. If they eat too much and too many bad things they change their diet drastically. There is a lot to be said for a gradual weening process to habit change. Find out more...

Top 4

Lack of Sleep harms fitness and diet habits

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Not getting enough sleep can make your fitness and diet habit change a lot more difficult. Find out how....

Top 5

Making fitness and dieting a Habit and Routine makes it easier

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It is a proven fact that when things become routine, they become easier. Far too often people simply try too much habit change at one time and fail. This link will show you all you need to know about habit change in general, and give some specifically good ideas on fitness and dieting tips you can really use, related to changing the basic habits.

Top 6

Ego Depletion

One of the reasons Habit Change may fail is EGO Depeletion, mentioned above. But what is Ego Depletion? Find out the specifics and how this can really effect any diet or fitness habit change.

Top 7

The Many Benefits of JUST Walking

Many people go crazy with fitness, but one of the strongest fitness habits, and the easiest to build is simply walking. Find out more about how you can increase your daily walking and build a strong walking fitness routine.

Top 8

Decrease Processed Food

Diets do not need to be over the top. Sometimes simply making an effort to avoid some of the Very bad foods, like overly processed foods can have a large positive effect. Find out more about minimizing processed food intake.

Top 9

Build your own confidence

To succeed in anything in life, you must have a degree of self-confidence. FInd out how to build your own self-confidence to help your shot at achieving success.

Top 10

A Morning Routine may be the answer

Creating Routine of any type is key; but find out why a morning routine is specifically powerful and get some great tips on creating a powerful and effective morning routine.

Top 11

Top Pedometer: FitBit One Review

See my review of this great pedometer that can help you build a strong walking habit and routine.

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Hopefully you found some good nuggets in these 10 links to help you create a lasting habit change. If you want any more information these topics make sure you click the links to find out a lot more.

Remember that habit change of any sort is something that has to be worked at. Don't overload yourself by trying too much at once, but build it slowly over time. It took a lifetime to build the series of bad habits that hold you back, it can take a bit of time to build the good habits to combat these bad ones.

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