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ome facts, some thoughts and some personal thinking about religion

The religions of the world
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What does the Bible says about anger?

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There are different kind of anger. Some are very bad and others can be felt but still be careful with your anger.

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Was Jesus really born in December?

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Celebration of the birth of Christ is in December. When was he really born? Figures and facts says sometime in beginning of October.

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Is man made of mud?

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Some people say that man is made out of mud...... and the Bible says the same. The first man and woman were created with material from the ground. We still are built from soil so to say.

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Adam and Eve in their paradise

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The start of humans was fantastic. Perfect bodies and minds. Surroundings full of food and peace. So what went wrong? Why did they loose their home in Eden?

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Jesus Christ paid back what Adam lost

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Adam chose to disobey God. That brought sin and death over us all. To help us out from this situation, God sent His dearest son to our rescue. Christ died innocent and without having sinned at all. That was the ransome we needed to be saved.

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Adam and Eve lost the Paradise for all of us

The were driven out from the Paradise and all their children were born after that. Humans were born imperfect from then on.

Top 7

Is Easter a pagan tradition?

If the celebration of Easter comes from pagan rites, we have to concier Gods feelings when and IF we celebrate it

Top 8

To study the Bible - some facts I found

I had so many questions once. Today I have got really good and intelligent answers. I share three of them with you here.

Top 9

Armageddon - the understanding what it is

Mount Megiddo in north western Israel is also called Armageddon in our Bibles. What is Armageddon and in what way are we affected?

Top 10

The apostle Pauls letters to Corinthians and Romans

Three Bible books contains good advices and warnings. Paul was an excellent writer and these letters are just as important to Christians today too.

Top 11

Can Christians heal sick today

In ancient times when the Apostles were still alive, the Christians could heal and even resurrect people. But not today.

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The world is full of religion of all kind. Some claim to know that the earth is going to burn, others say that it is going to be a paradise. Some say that Jesus was just an ordinary prophet and others that He has saved humans from sin and death. So - all cannot be right. There has to be something that is TRUTH

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james's picture

Some also say, like me, that

Some also say, like me, that God is an invention that people need to help them go through life without understanding much of what's going on and that religion is a set of tools to manipulate people, based on the basic invention of God, the religion describes this vague notion of God in its own way and then set rules and whatnot. Those who are good at knowing all about a religion can then use it (knowingly or unknowingly) to gain social power/wealth.

Maybe those people hold the TRUTH. The TRUTH is not only to be found amongst one of the religions.