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I have started freelance writing online recently and have some articles published on hubpages to date.I have listed them here. Have a look at them and see what you think. I will add more of my content as I publish it Vitamins For Good Health Eat Well and Exercise Decluttering:Home Improvement Made Easy The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment Feverfew:Herbal Treatment For Migraine Don't Be Afraid Of Panic Attacks Making Job Interviews Work For You Skin Cancer:The Most Common Malignancy Make Money Online:A Newbie's Perspective Men: Take Care Of Your Health The Hedgehog:Organic Pest Control
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Seems like a bit of a random

Seems like a bit of a random list, but the one about making money online does look interesting. Sometimes writers get carried away and make this kind of thing sound too complicated. It's good to see a basic article that gives a newcomers perspective so people can get a good feel for online marketing.