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am going to give you eleven post each of which should be able to help you one way or an other.With information on how to buy a car to how to save money.

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Top 1

Tip for saving on your electric bill

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Ten fast, easy things you can do to lower your electric bill

Top 2

how can we save more money

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We all save money. The real question is it the kind of saving that will help you when you really need it

Top 3

what do credit cards do for you?

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How much do you really spend on credit cards and how much does it really cost. May be you need to get out of debt.

Top 4

used appliances

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why buy a new appliance when a use one would probable be better. How to buy a used appliance

Top 5

health insurance

what are good questions to ask when looking in to health insurance

Top 7

what is the army reserve

short history and benefits of being in the army reserve

Top 8

what do you think about when looking for a part time job

If you are married or just have children having to work two jobs is life changing

Top 9

coupons how to use them

If your need to use coupons this is a good article to start with. Lets face it using coupons is like finding money

Top 10

Car insurance

Check your policy and make sure you are not paying to much for car insurance.

Top 11

How to buy a house

What you need to know before you buy a house.

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