Best Review - Top 11 Dark Knight Rises Articles


f you are a fan of the new Dark Knight Rises movie. (and who isn't: IT is awesome!) you will love some of these great pages that bring you info, posters, pictures wallpapers and more all revolving around what may be the greatest comic book movie of all time: Dark Knight Rises.

The First Dark Knight movie was great, the second was the best comic book movie ever made and this newest installent gives the second movie a run for its money. If you love good movies, you will love this good comic book enough of my babbling...check out some really cool Dark Knight links....

Dark Knight Rises Information
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Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper

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Simply wonderful Wallpaper you will LOVE based on the character of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight! Great Stuff! If you love Dark Knight and want to see pictures and more pictures then this is the place for you. You will find all the Dark Knight you could possibly imagine or want.

Top 2

Sexy Catwoman PIctures

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If you loved Anne Hathaway as the Catwoman you will love this pictoral retrospective of Anne and all the other beautiful women who have played the catwoman

Top 3

Dark Knight Rises Movie Posters

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Check out some of the great Dark Knight Rises movie posters from the complete some earlier batman movie posters. These posters simply make some wonderful gifts for the Batman fan for CHristmas or any upcoming holiday

Top 5

Dark Knight Rises Toys

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A great collection of toys from the awesome Dark Knight Rises movie

Top 6

Dark Knight Rises DVD and Bluray

Info on all the Dark knight Movies DVd and Bluray

Top 7

Anne Hathaway Wallpapers

More great pictures of the Beautiful Anne Hathaway

Top 8

Dark Knight Rises Movie

Everything you could want to know about the Dark Knight Rises Movie

Top 10

Superhero Dolls

A great collection of superhero toys and memrobilia, including many "Batman" plush toys and collectibles

Top 11

Batman Toys and Gifts

With CHristmas Quickly approaching this is a link that you will really want to take a look at if you have people on your list who are big Batman and superhero fans. It really has some wonderful looking plush dolls and other batman and superhero toys for you to enjoy. Great Stuff!

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Hopefully you have enjoyed finding out some more about the the Dark KNight Rises movie, it was really all that could be expected, it was quite a good film. I hope you enjoyed the links above and got something good from all the info these links gave.

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