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ou may think you're not living in faith, but every time you exhibit trust and belief in what you're doing or trying to accomplish, then you are living in what we call faith. And because of this, your faith and belief will take you far when it comes to your health, happiness, relationships, abundance and prosperity. It will also take you far when it comes to your trust in God and His word to always provide for you!

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The Definition Of Faith Is As Close As Your Subconscious Mind

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Can the definition of faith be as easy as using affirmations and autosuggestion to program your subconscious mind? Another definition of faith which is given in the Bible is “faith is that which comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”

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Faith And Finances: Your Belief About Christian Prosperity

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The age old question remains... how is your faith and finances, and your belief about Christian prosperity? Some still believe it is better to be poor and humble, than rich and humble. But then a lot of people don't believe you can be rich and humble! Would you be interested in finding out what Kenneth E. Hagin, a pastor, found out about being prosperous and humble, praying for prosperity and having faith in God to claim what you want and need?

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Making A Faith Declaration After Praying

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Making a faith declaration after praying is using God's promises and His words to bolster your faith. You can do this when praying for deliverance from whatever situation you may be suffering. I have also found it very helpful to use His promises and words in your prayer.

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Faith To Win The Lottery

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It takes faith to win the lottery and belief that it will happen. If this is missing, not only will you not win the lottery, but it will cause you not to win or achieve anything you set out to accomplish. Know that in having faith and belief... you can have anything you want. I've never put limits on my faith or beliefs of what God can do!

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Having Faith When Times Are Hard

Having faith when times are hard can be difficult. The key is to pray, stay optimistic and view your situation as a time for growth and opportunity. Becoming bogged down in worry and fear will eventually bring more of the same. Hard times is when you should depend fully on God.

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Faith And Abundance By Having Faith In God

Faith and abundance is simply having faith in miracles and realizing that your abundance is given to you by having faith in God, and knowing He is your provider and your protector. He has been and always will be there for you.

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Faith In God Award

Your faith in God award is having your prayers answered... because you know and expect them to be. God said, "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." This is faith. Your award is receiving blessings that will truly over-fill your cup. It's living without fear. It's also having a life filled with peace, joy and well-being. Remember, "with God all things are possible."

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Life Of Faith And Trust

We all are living a life of faith and trust... and we all have faith and trust in something. It could be in your parents, your husband, your children, your church, your work... or God, or all of the above. The fact is, you have it...and it exist. We were born, we will live, and we will die with some measure of faith and trust. It's a way of thinking. A conviction that's un-moveable.

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A Measure Of Faith

A measure of faith and expectation are as important to manifesting as food and water is to your survival. Without them, all your goals, all your desires, everything you want to accomplish, will cease to exist. Everything becomes a moot point if you don't have a measure of faith in what you're doing. You would be wasting your time and sending totally mixed messages to the universe.

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Power Of Faith In Yourself

Our power of faith in God will grow and develope overtime, but where some of us have trouble, is having and developing faith in ourselves, but in order to succeed with your goals... you have to have that faith. I think having faith in ourselves is one of the hardest things to do... especially when we're trying to accomplish our goals. We have a tendency to doubt our abilities to finish what we started, or we let people influence our thinking. When someone can influence our thinking about our goals, we didn't have the faith in what we were doing anyway. I found the easiest way to maintain faith in yourself is to set goals you feel strongly about. Goals you have absolute faith in.

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Step Out In Faith - Take A Walk In Faith

There may come a time in your life when you will have to step out in faith, and take that walk in faith, and if faith comes by hearing, then listen closely to the word of God. He has provided gifts for you by His amazing grace. All you have to do is reach out and take them by faith. In order for you to live by faith, you must know how faith comes into your life.

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I believe having faith, living in faith and developing faith is an on-going process that never stops. All it does is take you to the next level of trusting in God to always be there for you, to always love you, to always protect and heal you and to always provide for you.

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