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ichard and Heather Burns have come together with a passion and dedication not only for arts but for nature and humanity as well. Their works show their committed advocacy to promote nature, beauty, and justice. Richard is famous the world over for his oil and acrylic paintings. Heather sticks to graphic art and design. Together they create beautiful artwork. Come and see what they've been doing lately.

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Beautiful Art from Richard Burns

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Richard Burns' artworks reflect strong passion and dedication for nature and wildlife. Amazed by lighthouses and cottages, Richard Burns has also added these images to his collection. Now is your chance to own these terrific artworks!

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Angel Store

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All Angel items are offered here for certified Angel lovers! Choose from this great selection of angel books, ornaments, accessories and many more Angel related items.

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Angel Stamps

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Seal your happy holiday cards and letters with these heavenly Angel stamps by Richard Burns!
Miniature Angel Art.

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Richard Burns' Angels

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Buy the finest angel prints and posters by Richard Burns. Limited availability elsewhere, so be sure to shop here if you love Angels.

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Murphy's Law Should be Repealed

Support the call for repeal of Murphy's law. Here is a selection of Repeal Murphy's Law products. Grab one and fill the world with positive thoughts!

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Angel Cards

Get an inspirational message for your day ahead from Angel cards! Buy your Angel cards now and have your spiritual connection renewed. Also lovely Angel gift cards for all occasions.

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Repeal Murphy's Law

It is time to repeal foolish laws such as Muphy's law! Support this line of products that promote the repeal of Murphy's law.

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The TSA is Out of Control and Should be Abolished

The TSA has gone mad! Support these anti-TSA products and merchandise. Abolish the TSA!
Heather has designed some clever anti-TSA messages so you can state your views artistically.

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Beautiful Stamps

Beautiful Stamps' online store offers a wide variety of beautiful postage stamps for any occasion! Heather has added Richard's Angels to the available stamps.

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Squid Story

Heather Burns has been an active member of the Squidoo family....and here is the story behind it. "I Squidoo" mouse pads, bags, buttons, stickers, mugs and other products are also available here. Heather's Squidoo products have been featured all over Squidoo, so now you can get your own.

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Buy Beautiful Stamps Online

Why go to post office when you can buy beautiful stamps online? Here is a list of online stores that offer postage stamps perfect for all occasions.

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Now is your chance to own Richard Burns' art at a reasonable price. Rich's works are in major galleries and are licensed by Wild Wings, Applejack Art, Leanin' Tree and others. Heather and Richard now publish his work as well... so indulge your eyes with these terrific artworks! Enjoy!

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