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nimation is good and interactive but do you ever know how to create animation? The popular animation format was .gif and .swf. Let take a look 11 basic to create animation. The good about animation was your web or application are not bored also customer are enjoy.

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Squash and Stretch

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Defining the rigidity and mass of an object by distorting its shape during an action

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Spacing actions to define the weight and size of objects and the personality of character

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The preparation for an action

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Presenting an idea so that it is unmistakably clear. Storyboarding and brain storming

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Follow Through and Overlapping Action

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The termination of an action and establishing it relationship to the next action

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Straight Ahead Action and Pose-To-Pose Action

The two contrasting approaches to the creation of movement

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Slow In and Out

The spacing of the in between frames to achieve subtlety of timing and movement. For flash designer you can alter via action script.

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The visual path of action for natural movement

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Accentuating the essence of an idea via the design and the action

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Secondary Action

The action of an object resulting from another action. Look at action script on adobe flash.

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Creating a design or an action that the audience enjoys watching. This including design, color, font, size etc.

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Image or movie animation used widely on the web. It was used for advertising or just to make dynamics looks on your web page.

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Interesting. I Googled Toon

Interesting. I Googled Toon Boon Studio and found a free PDF file you can download. Thanks for sharing!