Best Review - Top 10 Wound Care Manufacturing Companies


here are many wound care manufacturing companies available in the world. Here are the top 10 wound care manufacturing companies:

wound care manufacturing
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Baril Corp

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Specializing in clean room rotary die production for medical devices and products, Baril Corp is easily one of the best in their field. They are utilized by hundreds of companies across the world in order to create medical products used in thousands of medical facilities.

Top 2

Molnlycke Heath Care

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This is a Swedish company that provides single use wound and surgical care products to their clients. They are one of the premier companies operating in the industry and are world-renowned for their quality products.

Top 3

Hollister Global

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They are another top company in the industry who have all kinds of products that are provided for their client. They provide high quality and sterile products and have been selling products in the wound care industry for over many years.

Top 4


A company that everyone has heard of. 3M is one of the largest consumer product companies in the world, but many people do not know that they turn their manufacturing arm toward the wound and medical care industry as well. This is a great company to look at for wound care manufacturing.

Top 5


This Company provides advanced wound care products. The quality stock that they product is only matched by the precision and efficiency of the distribution and manufacturing process that they have in place. They primarily use clean room environments to do their manufacturing, getting everything as sterile and clean as possible prior to sale.

Top 6


Looking to fill a void in the area of advanced wound care, this company tries to rise to the challenge and overlap the many different areas that are there. They also help with the selection of materials and any manufacturing issues that might occur during the process.

Top 7


This Company does two primary things. They are one of the industry leaders in the conversion and manufacturing of wound care supplies and they also work to help their clients find companies who offer the products that they do not have themselves. This is somewhat unique in the wound care industry.

Top 8

Derma Sciences

A Canadian based company that works with anyone from small labs and facilities to giant multi-national companies. They provide both wound and skin care products to their clients and have been a leader in the wound care industry for over twenty years.

Top 9


They provide not only wound care products, but also nutrition products and medicines for overcoming dehydration. The products that they make are used for daily and basic care and they receive the same rigorous testing procedures that are performed on specialty products used for advanced treatments and surgical techniques.

Top 10

Scapa Healthcare

This Company primarily creates skin friendly adhesives for the wound care industry which are low-trauma. They have a high number of facilities which are used to manufacture products for all sorts of uses, ranging from basic wound care to more advanced treatments and techniques used on specialized facilities.

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