Best Review - Top 10 Worst Performing Articles Published January 2011


s a writer, I hope that each article that I publish will not only be well accepted by fans of my work, but also head off into the ether and get recognition in the wider world. As we all know, however, that doesn’t always happen. January 2011 has been one of those months where I have tried to write what I feel are interesting articles, and they were ones that I enjoyed writing as well.

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Just when You Thought that Cities Couldn't Get Any Bigger

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Those of us who have lived in a large city know about the overcrowding, heavy traffic, air pollution and other problems, but now China plans to create a mega city of 42 million people, and to spend billions on infrastructure to achieve it.

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One Hundred Years Ago Today - 28 January 1911 - Horses Crash into Fish Shop

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We take it for granted today that we can go everywhere and do everything in motorized vehicles, and yet it was only 100 years ago that these were in their infancy, and horse drawn transport was still the most common way of getting around.

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Does Mario Kart for the Wii Live Up to Expectations

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Mario Kart has been one of the most successful Nintendo driving games that has been launched across all their games consoles since the SNES (Super Nintendo). How does Mario Kart for the Wii measure up.

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London Art Exhibitions March 2011

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There are always good art exhibitions in London, and March is no exception, with exhibits that include Afghanistan Crossroads Of The Ancient World, Ai Weiwei, Modern British Sculpture and the British Art Show.

Top 5

News from a Weird World - Offbeat News 26 January 2011

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In this edition of News From A Weird World, the Miami Piano Mystery, Smell Of Rotting Flesh, Invasion Day Protests, The Perfect Companion, A Strange Addiction and more.

Top 6

Actor Tom Hanks is My Hero

If I had to choose a celebrity who always seems to be enjoying what he does, who plays a wide range of fun and challenging roles, and has had more hit movies than you can count on your fingers and toes combined, then my hero would be Tom Hanks.

Top 7

What Makes a Rock Concert Memorable

When anyone looks back at the best rock concerts that they have been to, is it just the music that made it memorable, or is it the atmosphere, the interaction with the audience, or the audience participation that made it an event to remember.

Top 8

Problem Causing Skype Extension for Firefox is Blocked by Mozilla

If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser and have been experiencing slowness and a lot of crashes lately, it could just be that it's the Skype extension for Firefox that has been causing the problems.

Top 9

One Hundred Years Ago Today - 21 January 1911 - Journey on a Branch Line

Travelling by train today you visualise high speed locomotives rattling along at over 100mph, with few stops and your destination being just hours away. One hundred years ago, in the age of steam trains, travel by train was a far more interesting journey.

Top 10

Before the New Year Diet Comes the New Year Binge

The New Year begins with a diet for many people, but if you are like me you can't diet while the holiday goodies are still around, and so before you can diet, you have to eliminate those items that prevent you from losing weight

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