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very business needs tools that will make it to function properly and that is why I present these important WordPress plugins to you manage every task of your business website. They are very important plugin any webmaster who want to operate a profitable business website must have. They all comes with important features to help make your website a professional one. If your online business have not been growing then check well and see the one that can skyrocket your website.

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If you want to grow your customers, Newsletter plugin is a tool that can help you do that. You can use it to capture and manage large email subscribers. It's very easy to use. Newsletter allows you to easily create, send and track emails.

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JetPack by

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This is a very powerful WordPress plugin you can use to manage so many areas of your business website. You can use it to customize your website with custom CSS, carousels spam-free contact forms, infinite scroll, tiled galleries and much more.

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WordFence Security

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This plugin is very important for both business and personal website. There are so many hackers and malwares flying around the web. It's very important to be protected from any of these threats that can destroy website files and database. WordFence security blocks every malicious and security threats to your website.

Top 4

Contact Form Builder

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Use this plugin to build responsive free contact forms with multiple templates and theme options. If you want your business website to grow and for your customers to take you serious, then you need to implement this contact form on your website. Contact form makes it easy for your readers and customers to easily reach out to you concerning any they might want to discuss with you.

Top 5

ManageWP Worker

If you have more than one business website, ManageWP Worker will help you to automate the management of them. It's a powerful WordPress productivity tool that allows you to efficiently manage all your WordPress website from one dashboard.

Top 6

Yoast SEO

This plugin will help make your business reach many customers. If you are serious on building a profitable online business then there is every need for your website to appear on the search results of major search engines. Yoast SEO helps you to optimize your web pages for a visibility in the search results.

Top 7

Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator helps you to track the number of customers that comes to your site. This plugin is very important because the information it provides will help you to know if you are advancing online or not. It allows you to easily view your Google Analytics and real time statistics within your WordPress dashboard

Top 8

Ad Injection

Use this plugin to manage the placement of ads on your site. If you want to make money with your site , you need to place ads in a strategic positions on your site. With Ad Injection you can implement any kind of ad or other content on your site. Use it to easily injects Google Adsense, Amazon Associate links, ClickBank and many more.

Top 9


If there is any chance your business site deals on images, Gallery plugin will help manage images on your site. It's a fully responsive gallery plugin that allows you to add and edit images for different views.

Top 10

WooCommerce Excelling eCommerce

With this plugin you can be able to sell anything on your business website. It's the most powerful free eCommerce plugin you can use to build online store. You can also use it to sell affiliate products from online marketplaces.

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