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ave you started selling on Ebay, only to find that your sales have fallen or remained stagnant? There are a number of things that you can do to increase your sales on Ebay, from free marketing techniques, finding fresh inventory, and most of all, finding out what your buyers want and offering that to them. There are many ways to increase Ebay sales, all of which involve some amount of work on your part - but you knew that already, since you have some experience selling. Read below for some recommended tips for your auctions, Ebay stores, and your entire online business!

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Find New Inventory for Ebay

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Inventory is the whole reason you're in business in the first place. People are looking for the perfect item at the perfect price. What can you add to your current items that people might also be looking for?

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Sell Your Used Clothing on Ebay

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Used clothing? While no-name brands, generic stuff, and beat up tees may not sell online, gently used clothing in wearable condition does sell, especially brand name stuff. This is a good way to increase your feedback score and to get a feel for the whole shipping process. It can also produce a sizable income over time.

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Optimize Your Ebay Store for Search Engines

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Ebay stores are not set up right out of the box ready for you to get instant search traffic. You'll have to do some writing, organizing, linking, and categorizing. Even your auctions will have to undergo a makeover. Sound hard? SEO, search engine optimization, is pretty simple once you understand the concept, and can increase your sales quite a bit.

Top 4

Using Buy it Now to Increase Sales

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Have you really mastered using the buy it now option to lure in new buyers? It's possible to earn substantially more through properly utilizing the buy it now feature. Read about some of the tactics here.

Top 5

How to Promote Your Ebay Items on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to promote your Ebay auctions. If you're selling in a specific niche, getting in with the right people is as easy as setting up a fan page, inviting some people, and consistently posting relevant information (and auctions) on your page. Think you can handle that? Read more about it here.

Top 6

48 Ways to Use the Ebay Module on Squidoo

Not only will you drive targeted traffic to your store using Squidoo's Ebay module, but you'll be earning a commission for every sale on top of it! It's a nice little bonus on top of what you're already making. You'll also have a great opportunity to make money from their purchase elsewhere on other auctions.

Top 7

Promote Your Ebay Store by Blogging

Blogging is simply writing an online article on your own website. Blogs are refreshed with new content on a regular basis (usually), but you might be able to get away with posting just a few times a month. Great for niche specific sellers and bargain stores, this is the perfect way to promote your entire online business... not to mention it's free!

Top 8

Stop Underselling Your Auctions

Auctions are supposed to be deals, but that doesn't mean you have to give your stuff away for free. Quite giving away your items and get better prices by learning how to price them for success.

Top 9

Analyze Why Your Auctions Aren't Making Money

Is it something you did that is making your auctions fail miserably? Anything can be corrected! Go over this list of 8 reasons why your auctions aren't making money, and check the list off one by one. An easy auction troubleshooting guide (that will also increase sales).

Top 10

Take Better Photos of Your Auctions

One of the top reasons people's auctions aren't doing well is the quality of the photos. Be honest with yourself - are your photos really all that great? Learn how to take great photos that you can be proud of on this guide page.

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Implementing just a few of these techniques is sure to increase your Ebay sales within a short period of time. Persistence and the ability to adapt to changes are two qualities that will keep your business growing and prospering for years to come.

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