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hen you think about power ballads, there are popular songs like "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue, "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" by Poison, "Is This Love" by Whitesnake, and "Love Hurts" by Nazareth. There are other great power ballads that never got success or reach music charts and they are equally as good as the popular ones.

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Top 1

Times Are Changin by Roxy Blue

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This song brought love emotions and it could've brought the band success but the grunge scene took it away. Great emotional vocals, lyrics of love confession, and instrumentation.

Top 2

Love You Forever by Giuffria

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Known for "Call to the Heart", this song could've been another huge hit for the band but them and every other 80's bands died due to grunge. Great vocals that sounds like a love confession that felt real, melodic chorus, and a kind of song to play for your love ones.

Top 3

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark by Y&T

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This band is underrated since the early 1980s and this song shows why this band should be recognized. Y&T are a great hard rock band to listen to other than this song. However, Dave Meniketti provides great vocals and lead guitar work and the song about providing protection and be there for your love ones in spirit or presence.

Top 4

Frozen Tears by Icon

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A band that created a second record "Night of the Crime" that should've brought commercial success for the band. The melodies of the song is infectious and the chorus sounds great. Give the second record a listen, you might enjoy what you hear.

Top 5

Can't Find My Way by Hardline

Hardline were a great band back in 1992 with the release of "Double Eclipse". The song has great vocals by Johnny Gioeli, guitar work by Neal Schon from Journey, and the melody of the song is too good to hum to. This band have potential but didn't. It's still worth a listen.

Top 6

Broken Dreams by Fifth Angel

Another band that shoud've been huge in the late 1980s. Great band with a straight forward hard rock sound. The song has a haunting melody and music that talks about personal struggle. It may bring you down, but appreciate the music.

Top 7

You're All I Need by White Lion

A band has success due to songs like "When the Children Cry" and "Wait". This song is part of the last album from the band. The lyrics is something you want to say like a love letter.

Top 8

I Want You by Bon Jovi

A great hard rock band from the 1980s known for their popular hits. This song appeared in their "Keep the Faith" record. The song sounds like a hit from 1992 but never got success. Great chorus and it is worth a listen for their 1992 album.

Top 9

Everything by Blanc Faces

The only modern power ballad on this list. This song sounds like an 80s song with an AOR sound. Imagine Journey meets Survivor kind of sound when listening to this song. Great chorus, vocals, and change of pitch after the guitar solo. This is a good choice for a song to dance to for romance.

Top 10

Dream On by Nazareth

Nazareth are known for "Love Hurts", a huge hit for them. They created other power ballads but never got the success as Love Hurts. Great vocal performance by Dan McCafferty, simple guitar solo, and considered the band's most popular song. America never got to give this song a try. This song is so good that another band, Helix created a cover version of this song. If you want to listen to Helix version of the song, type in Helix Dream On on YouTube, it equally sounds good as the original version.

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