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he lack of appetite among many individuals is the most perturbing, yet rarely discussed the topic. Some people take it as just a normal condition or just a normal body activity with reference to its metabolic rate, yet the effects propagated by this condition appear very adverse among those individuals who engage in activities that require lots of energy/Kilojoules intake and slightly among those people who are mostly idle or else engage in minimal physical exercises. The goal of maintaining or improving someone’s appetite while minimizing the rates of diseases associated with the large intake of improper balanced diet foods can be achieved through the following top ten means if followed them attentively.

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Avoiding drugs.

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Some drugs such as Khat/Miraa and Sibutramine suppress or decrease the urge to consume food among individuals. The drugs are also a major contributor to Insomnia or the lack of sleep. Avoiding such drugs or minimizing the rate of their intake helps build an urge or the tendency of consuming food more often.

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Always include appetizers in the Menu of every meal that you’re about to consume. They should be appealing to your eyes, thus able to create a first fine expression to lure you into consuming them. They should also be dressed accordingly and not under/over- cooked. The most appealing and sweet appetizers according to my research and experiment include Crostini, Cranberry pinwheel, Deviled Eggs, Garlic bread soup and a Cheese platter.

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Avoid consuming Spices, Dressings, Salads, and soups that you are allergic to. Body allergic reactions can be a major deterrent to the general food appetite as it creates a negative mindset towards the general food. You should, in turn, choose the only food ingredients that correspond to your general body mechanism.

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Small food portions.

Try eating small food portions but yet more frequently. This will transform the body mechanism to adapt to the change in eating habits after a short period of time and thus help progress your appetite.

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Avoid some high fiber foods.

Try to decrease the rate of which you include fiber foods into your food menu, as the foods are extremely filling. However, some high fiber foods such as Brown rice and whole wheat can improve your appetite at a very first rate, as they make you feel very hungry after a short period from your last meal.

Top 6

Physical exercises.

Engaging in more physical exercises and activities that tend to consume lots of your kilojoules will help instill the need for high energy foods and thus increase the rate of food intake.

Top 7

Having a breakfast in the Morning.

Another way that can help increase your appetite rapidly is ensuring that you always consume a breakfast after waking up in the morning. The breakfast should either be heavy or light depending on your choice and preference.

Top 8

Meal eating scheduled time plan.

Create a time schedule of your meal eating plans and be very strict in following it. Make sure that you include lots of liquids e.g. water, Juices, and milk in the Menu of every scheduled personal eating meal time plan. This also helps to boost a sense of confidence.

Top 9

Taking meals in groups.

Eating in groups of people that you are used to e.g. the family members and friends help build your appetite level adversely. A research that was carried out recently, showed that people likely to live on their own experience a huge problem with their appetite levels compared to those who eat together with other people. Eating in groups also creates a drive of competition.

Top 10

Psychological mindset distortion.

Psychological distortion is another means of tricking your mind into eating more frequently or else consuming large portions of foods that fit you. This can be achieved through several ways such as the use of large/huge plates, proper food dressing, using clean plates and food, use of bright colored plates and using spices that are of good odor in order to enhance the sense of smell.

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The condition of lacking an appetite among few/many individuals can also be contributed by medical conditions, which requires one to take the proper precautions of visiting a medic, in order to avoid future problems with ones health. The above following guidelines are only aimed at assisting people affected with problems associated with the lack of appetite and not those suffering from Obesity and other related food diseases.

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