Best Review - Top 10 Tips for finding and getting to know women


inding and getting to know women is another issue that guys can have problems with. Where do you meet women? What do you say when you meet them? If these questions seem confusing or troubling you may have come to the right place to shed some light on these issues.

Find and meet women
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Where to find and meet women

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A few of the great places you can find and meet women

Top 2

Stop Failing with Women

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Many guys do not have issues finding the women, it is simply that they go about meeting them the wrong way. find out some hints to decrease you failure with women

Top 3

Reasons to have a female "friend"

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People tell you that the "friend" zone is bad. That is baloney. You may never "date" a girl who you are in a "friend Zone" with, but having a female friend that is a "type" with the girls you want to date is simply one of the best ways to actually meet the women you really desire.

Top 4

5 reasons meeting a girl may not be as hard as you think

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Top 5

getting a girl to notice you

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being in the proximity of females is not hard. Women actually outnumber men population-wise. But getting her to actually notice you can be a completely different animal. Learn the steps that will help you to get women to actually notice you after you meet them.

Top 6

Funny Questions to ask the girl you like

Now you have met her. What can you say? Being funny always helps.

Top 7

Where will you find the woman right for you

Not all places are right to find all women. Going to the place that is right for the women YOU want is an important step

Top 8

Approach women and walk away with their numbers

An important step for attraction is the ability to approach the women you meet and have the ability to actually walk away with their numbers. This article can help you achieve that level of success.

Top 9

Working on yourself = INcreasing your chances with women

We all have our faults and strengths. Our good habits and out bad ones. If you make a concious effort to reinforce your good habits and to get rid of your bad ones, you are building towards nothing more than greatly increasing your attractiveness to women.

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