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ntil you've held a golf club in your hand, you don't realize how exciting the game of golf is. You haven't a clue what is meant by a driver or a pitching wedge or a 7 iron. It seems the most complicated sport but once you begin to learn a little about this game, you will be hooked. Here are 10 tips for the beginner.

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Borrow Golf Clubs

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There is no point buying a full set of golf clubs until you are absolutely certain golf is the game for you. So, borrow a 7 iron from a friendly golfer or a golf instructor.

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Book Lessons with a Professional Golf Instructor

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This is extremely important. Book a course of lessons and keep the same instructor. You can do this at a golf driving range or visit the local golf club where the Pro will usually teach beginners.This will give you a solid base on which to develop your technique.

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Practise, Practise, Practise

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Practise what the golf instructor taught you. it is natural to think that what you learnt in Week 1 will come back to you when you return for your next lesson. It won't. keep practising the swing. You You don't need a ball and you can practise indoors but you must practise regularly. Alternatively, go to the driving range and get a basket of balls. But don't rush through the basket. Do several practice swings before you actually address the ball and hit it.

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Watch Golf DVD's about the Basic Skills

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Ask your golf instructor which DVD's he recommends as it is likely he follows a particular coaching technique. David Leadbetter's series of DVD's include the basic set-up, the swing, correct grip and posture, ball position as well as chipping and putting.

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Appreciate What You Can Do and Don't Worry About What You Can't Do

It's natural to want to make fast progress so that you can play on a golf course but learning golf can be a slow process. Be appreciative of what you have learnt so far and don't compare yourself with your golfing friends. Getting the basics right is vital.

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Read and Learn the Rules

it's advisable to learn a few basic rules early on. Get a Rules Book,' Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status 2012-2015', as approved by the R&A and The United States Golf Association.
An excellent book is, 'The Golf Rules Dictionary,' by Hadyn Rutter. It contains lots of explanatory photographs and explanations of the rules.

Top 7

Talk to Golfers

You will learn a lot from other golfers but don't try to confuse yourself. Every golfer has an opinion, although they can certainly clarify rules for you.

Top 8

Watch Golfers in Action

Other golfers may swing differently from you, may have a different routine when putting, but you may find watching them helps your game. You may find that they take more time preparing for a shot which helps their mental attitude to controlling the shot. Rushing a stroke in golf is fatal for your game. So watch and learn.

Top 9

Join a Golf Club if you're becoming a Real Enthusiast.

if you decide that golf is the best sport in the World, then you may be ready to join a Golf Club. Take your time deciding. How far do you have to travel? Do they have a practice area? Is there a good social programme? Bear in mind how expensive joining will be so make sure about your decision before you commit.

Top 10

Be Ready For Highs and Lows

Golf can be both a highly frustrating game and a highly rewarding one, too. You must learn to take each game as it comes. Enjoy the successes when you can and remember that a frustrating game may only be around the corner! But you will never want to stop playing this brilliant game!

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If you take the advice of these 10 tips then you will never regret holding that 7 iron in your hand on your first golf lesson. The rewards will be huge.

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