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spoof top ten that is in effect a top ten of my personal thoughts on creating a top ten list like this one - I should include making sure the introduction itself has a hundred words, and not just the overall list - doh. Fortunately I have been able to pop back in since then and edit the list to fix things up here - that's just one of the perils of being a brand new writer on such a site as this. No doubt I’ll find whole new ways to mess everything up on my future lists – lol. Arthur Chappell

The numbers 1 to 10, drawn by me
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Top 10

The only genuinely useful tip on this silly list

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If you are creating lots of lists, set out a template listing the numbers to save writing them out manually every time.

Top 9

Up, down or count sideways

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Decide if your list counts up, (1,2,3) or counts down, (3,2,1) which I personally prefer.

Top 8

If this title made you think it was about the best Batman comics I did something wrong

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Decide on your title and what your list will be about.

Top 7

Learn to count

Ensure that there are enough items to fill your list – a top ten of the Seven Dwarfs runs into problems after number seven.

Top 6

Don't be stupid

Offer some commentary on your choices – if your top ten films includes The Godfather Three, explain why (right before seeking psychiatric help).

Top 5

Oh no it wasn't!

Be sure you get details, dates and names right. Humphrey Bogart was not in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Top 4

are you Joking?

Ask yourself if your list is to entertain, inform or provoke fierce controversy, as in where you say Raise The Titanic is a better Titanic movie than James Cameron’s Titanic.

Top 3

best places to watch paint dry

Avoid boring topics, such as your favourite ten milk bottle tops or favourite branches of a franchised High Street burger joint.

Top 2

What to call it

Decide On your Title …. Er make sure you are not repeating information given earlier in your list or on other lists.

Top 1

And in conclusion

Post it, share your links, and start writing your next one.

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Just go for it and have fun

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james's picture

Hey, nice tips nonetheless !

Hey, nice tips nonetheless ! :-)
At least you didn't settle for a mere Top 3 like many others :-)

Wessam moustafa's picture

Very nice :)

Very nice :)