Best Review - Top 10 Things to do before your mastectomy with DIEP


f you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or you are prophlatically removing your breasts and planning on a DIEP surgery, here are some helpful hints to help you in your recovery.

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Get help in

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Make sure you have someone there when you get out of surgery. You will be groggy but as the hours pass, you will become more alert and find yourself very thristy from the meds. They will not allow you have to drink but ice chips on the wet sponge is heavenly. I found that the nurses were annoyed by my constant need to wet my whistle.
Now, the room you will be in will be very warm and you will be under a heat blanket. This is to encourage blood flow. So the person you have to help you may opt to stay outside of the room. Try to get walkie talkies or make sure your cell phone is close by so you can call them when you need them.
When you get home, you will need to help with everything and I do mean everything. So make sure the person coming to help is someone you know very well and would be comfortable being nude in front of.

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Shave your head

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If you are going to go through chemotherapy anyway, just shave it. I found that it was terribly difficult to do my hair. Your arms do not work the way they used to and after days and days in bed, my hair was pretty gross. If I could do it all over, I would have shaved my head.

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Rent a medical bed

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I made the mistake of renting a recliner. Please do not make my same mistake! Rent an actualy medical bed with all the electronics. Your recovery will be so much easier!

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Get a shower chair

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You will want to take showers, trust me on this. But it is very hard to stand so buy a shower chair. I do believe you can get them cheap on Ebay.

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Get a humidifier

Your medications are going to dry out your throat. It's hard to swallow or talk. Get a humidifier (a good one), and be prepared to put it in your face. Also, hard candies are really good at coating the throat. I like the Werther's.

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Get a fan

You will be hot and then freezing. So get a little personal fan to put on your table. Also get some heavy blankets. You will be going from one extreme to the next. The fan also does not do well for the dry throat but with the humidifier going it should not be as bad.

Top 7

Get a bedside toilet

I was able to make it to mine but it was because I was close. I still recommend them just in case.

Top 8

Get at least one bedside table

I found that those TV trays are wonderful. I needed two for all my things. Meds, humdifier, wash cloth, tissues, fan, etc.

Top 9

Get ice packs

The ice packs were great when I was hot or had headaches. I recommend the Blue Ice packs in the camping section of Wal Mart. Be sure to wrap it in a washcloth.

Top 10

Keep a journal

With all the meds you are on, you WILL forget what you have taken. So keep a very good journal so you do not overdose on pain meds.

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