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ids love to text message. Adults are starting to pick up the habit. While it has it's drawbacks, it does have it's advantages as well. Quick, easy, and not too disruptive, text messaging can also be affordable. Whether you need help just getting started, you need tips on texting faster, or doing it more affordably, you will find all kinds of text messaging help online.

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Text Messaging and Parental Control Tips

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Sometimes parents need a way of capping text messaging. In addition, they may want parental controls to assure their kids are safe from predators, stalkers, bullies, spam and more. There are even ideas about making sure teens don't text and drive. This page will provide useful tips for parents and information about what tools are available for them

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Text Messaging Help

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Ever get a text that you don't quite understand? You can find help with all of the lingo online. On this page you'll also find tips on how to block SMS messages, how to send text messages handsfree, how to send SMS to a landline phone, and much more.

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Cutting Text Messaging Costs

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There's no reason to pay a great deal for text messaging. Of course for those who text without using voice calling, a data only plan is an option (see the item below) but for the rest of us there are other things that can help hold costs down. This article will point you in the right direction.

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Texting Without a Voice Plan

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If you're one of those people who almost never place a voice call, you might find cheaper text only plans that suit your needs better. This page will explain most of the options available for those who need only a data plan.

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International Text Messages

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You'll find tips about how to send international text messages, how to send free SMS outside of our borders, and where you can get translation for received messages.

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Text Messaging by Voice

If you're not so speedy using your hands, you might try text messaging by voice. It's fast, sometimes free, and certainly useful when your hands are busy doing other things.

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A Text Messaging Device

You can send text messages from devices that perform only this function. In fact, Peek Pronto is one that can be purchased, the service paid for once, and then you get unlimited service for a lifetime with no additional fees.

Top 8

Dealing with Unwanted Text Messages

Unwanted text messages are becoming more common. Find out how to deal with SPAM, stalkers, and other bothersome messages.

Top 9

Choosing a Text Messaging Plan

Need a one page reference for available text messaging plans? This page provides an overview.

Top 10

Best Text Messaging Phones

For quick and easy text messaging, you need a phone with the right features. Find out which phones are best designed and offer the most useful features for SMS.

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Text messaging is designed to be useful, quick, and affordable. If you know some of the ins and outs, it will be. You should find the information you need above.

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