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nowing the best ways to study can save a lot of time and brings grades up.

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Space out study time

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The right spacing of study time is more important to learning than the amount of time spent studying.

Top 2

Organize study time

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Organizing homework time can prevent it from being an chore.

Top 3

Use Mnemonics

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Mnemonics can make it easy top remember things.

Top 4

Stop Anxiety

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Too often we have anxiety over things that seem overwhelming or that are just hard for us. The right methods can get rid of that anxiety and make learning much more enjoyable,

Top 5

Reading comprehension strategies

Studying requires good reading comprehension. Find out how to make sense of and remember everything that is read.

Top 6

Use visual strategies for studying

Visualization techniques can promote learning and memory

Top 8

Make a Homework Space

Creating a homework space that is set up the right way can make homework much easier.

Top 9

Avoid procrastination

Know the strategies for avoiding the procrastination habit.

Top 10

Use a study schedule

The right kind of schedule can help make sure you stay on track.

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Stop wasting study time and use the most effective study and learning techniques so that you can make all A's.

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oh no. this remind me back to

oh no. this remind me back to college in 2003. Headache!