Best Review - Top 10 Strange Causes of Death on CSI


hances are you have seen, or at least heard of, televisions hot crime drama, CSI. The show is currently in its 12th season and still seemingly going strong. Over the course of that time there have been quite a few deaths that were investigated that were… Strange to say the least. Here are some of the best strange causes of death on CSI over the past 12 years

Strange Death CSI
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Top 1

Meat Bullet

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Yes, a man was killed with a bullet made entirely of frozen meat. You can't be to meat bullet when it comes to strange causes the death on CSI

Top 2

A nice aged Killer Mold

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A man was shot with a bullet (non-fatally). The bullet lodged in the wall. Over time bacteria and mold begin to form. the mold and bacteria got airborne effected the victim and killed him

Top 3

Stileto Heel

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A Victim is killed by stiletto heel in the neck. This is something I always thought would work, and while CSI is far from proving it is something I think would be a pretty cool way to kill someone every anytime I see someone in high heel stiletto shoes

Top 4

Bat Rabies

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That's a nasty, rabies is bad, combine the 2 together and you have a killer cause of death on CSI

Top 5

A Stake to the Heart

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It is not just for Vampires any more. Stick to the heart, in this case someone who thought they were killing a vampire is one of the very interesting ways that the dead were dispatched on the show CSI

Top 6

Dry Ice

A man and his girlfriend are actually killed just the non-ventilated fumes from dry ice

Top 7


Perhaps more of a "classic" way to murder someone. You've seen in movies like the Texas chainsaw massacre, so why wouldn't they have it on CSI?

Top 8

Excessive Botox

I knew it could happen, just look at those women with WAAAAYYY too much plastic surgery

Top 9

Flesh Eating bacteria

This one actually scares me. Time for some more hand sanitizer.

Top 10

Beheaded by Tire

During a Go-cart race nonetheless! Quite an interesting way to go, certainly nothing I would want to brag about standing front of the pearly gates

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There've been quite a few strange and unusual deaths on the TV programs CSI over the years is shown and over the 3 different shows that they have produced look at some of the strange deaths above and think of your own. Please feel free to comment in the comments at the bottom some of your own favorite causes of death on the TV show CSI. I would love to hear your opinion

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Asanz677's picture

Nice list! I love this show!

Nice list! I love this show!

TinaAtHome's picture

I love CSI. The strangest one

I love CSI. The strangest one I thought was when someone was killed by ice bullets and then the bullets melted and they couldn't find them. I'm not convinced ice is hard enough to kill.