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o you have an LG Lucid android powered phone but you are having problems. Say you can't get the keys to mute, say you can't get your mail to register on the type pad, say you don't know how to put an app on the phone, maybe you are unable to figure out how to adjust certain volume settings say on the keypad when you type or when you send out texts to your friends. Ever try muting the sound your camera makes on the LG phone when taking pictures? Whew, that was kind of a tough one. Another issue you might be experiencing is getting pictures to copy over onto your Sandisk (SD) card. Another tough one.
Worry not if you need to trouble shoot any of these issues. I'm on it and probably, make that definitely have the answers you need below. Check them out. Free free to comment.

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Have LG Lucid Power Down and Start Up Again Like a Computer

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If you have a computer you know that the restart command is great for not having to manually shut off the computer, then manually turn it back on. You can do the same thing on your LG Lucid phone. You can let the phone shut itself down then turn itself back on. If you are wondering how to Have LG Lucid Power Down and Start Up Again Like a Computer the post below will help for sure

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Shut Down LG Lucid Phone So it Uses No Power

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OK, enough of the power saver, the sleep mode, all that. You want to completely shut down your LG Lucid cell phone so that it uses no power. You essentially want to shut it off completely. How do you do this? It is easy to do but I when I first got my new LG Lucid I fumbled around for a way to power this phone down. The post below will teach you how to turn it off.

Top 8

Erase or Take Applications off LG Phone

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Saving / downloading and application to and from your cell phone is easy to do but getting rid of them is important too. We all want to uninstall those apps we really don't like to use anymore but either haven't found the time to delete them or don't know how to erase them. I wrote a post that will show you how to get those apps off for good.

Top 7

Erase Icons Off Your Keypad Screen on LG Lucid

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So you've got a bunch of Icons that you really don't need on your screen. You are sick of looking at them and you want to erase these icons off your LG lucid keypad / touchpad screen. I wrote a post that will show you how to remove these and delete for good. Check it out.

Top 6

I Can't Get Pics to Store on External SD Memory Card

Man, I should have put this post as number one but I balked at it. This is a question a ton of people have. I hear "I Can't Get Pics to Store on External SD Memory Card" In otherwords, you've plugged the darn card in and you simply can not get the pics you already took and stored on your phones internal memory, moved to the card. SO what is going on ? How can I fix this and get the card moved? We'll, I have a pretty good idea what is going on and you'll be shocked at the simple truth that you might not be able to do this, but there is a work around and other ways to do what you hope to accomplish by moving pics from wireless handset to the memory card. Check out the post below.

Top 5

Why The Latest Emails I Received Aren't on LG Lucid

If you want to know Why The Latest Emails I Received Aren't on LG Lucid and how to resolve this, you have come to the right place. You buy a new Lucid and the service tech at the store sets up your email so that it appears on your phone just as it shows up on your PC or mac. It works for a while then over time you no longer are getting the latest emails in your in box on your phone. Sure you go how to your computer and you see them there but you don't see them on your phone. Why is this? Man it that a drag! We'll, I have a pretty good idea why that is happening and I can also tell you how to fix it. Check out the post I wrote below.

Top 4

New to LG Smartphones and Can't Download App? Learn Here

We have all been there, you are either new to your specific android LG Fusion phone or you are new to the whole world of smart phones, either way, you want to know how to download new apps onto your phone. After all, a great benefit of phone technology these days is using all the best and most useful and up to date applications out there. I wrote a post that will get you past the issue of "can't download an app" to "can download an application"

Top 3

Stop Unwanted Advertisements on Smartphone LG Screen

I started to get these unwanted advertisements on my LG smart phone and it was driving me nuts. They weren't specific apps I downloaded or anything like that, they were just appearing. I would go through the routine of deleting these ads, which were appearing like icons on my touch pad, but more would comeback. They were like fruit flies for crying out loud. The more I deleted the more they seemed to come back. I figured out that these ads, which appears as icons, are in fact spam and you can stop these unwanted advertisements on your Lucid wireless phone. The post I linked below is very helpful and will tell you what you did wrong and how you can correct it so that you don't accidentally invite these icon advertisments that you don't need.

Top 2

Quiet The LG Sound When Typing Texts - Mute Texting on LG

Text messaging on the LG lucid phone can be a little noisy especially when you don't want to announce to the world through your noisy keypad strokes that you are sending a text message via your LG smartphone. I struggled to mute this feature and for a while every time I messaged someone I would hear the sound of a typewriter (or whatever default tone was available, every time I shot off a note to someone. I did figure out a way to quiet the LG sound when typing texts. The post I linked below will teach you how to mute the texting on your LG phone.

Top 1

How to Make LG Lucid Camera Sound Silent

Ever notice on your LG Phone that the camera shutter sound makes a lot of racket? You are out taking photos on your LG Phone and that loud click noise when a picture is taken seems to annoy everyone around you. Go ahead and try to silence the camera noise the most logical way by going through the camera sound settings and you'll be lost. I wrote an article that will teach you how to make the LG camera sound silent check it out

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Thanks for reading this post! I hope this Top 10 Spam SD Mail Volume App Trouble Shooting Tips LG Lucid Phone post helps resolve any issues you might be having on the LG lucid smart phone

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