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he concept of a critical environment has taken on various definitions over the past few years as technology advances and improved control over sub-climates has become the norm because industry is striving for increased efficiencies and production yields. Some examples of a critical environment may include manufacturing operations, data centers, government, healthcare, research and development (R&D) sites, banking and trading floors, pharmaceuticals, and integrated circuit (IC) – chip fabrication houses. Unfortunately, in recent years, hospitals have had to provide care for an increasing population which must, at least for the short term, sustain life in the cleanest environments – the laminar air flow room and operating room. Too often in the news we hear about patient infections due to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections, Ebola cross-contamination or isolation, and in food processing plants, the concern is for Escherichia coli (E.coli) contamination. Some buildings have been reported as having Legionnaires disease even after decades of increased regulatory and policy improvements.

The air, water, food, surfaces of furniture and bombardment of electromagnetic waves all contribute to an unhealthy environment for human habitation. Even more stringent, the internal environments of certain facilities are the most crucial for an organization in regards to operating costs, production, and quality control. The entire components which comprise a critical environment operation are interdependent so none can function separately, and more importantly, maintaining and upgrading of the critical environment’s physical infrastructure including electrical, mechanical, and fire systems is imperative.

critical environments control solution
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Phoenix Controls - Critical Environment Control Solutions

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These professionals have been around for more than three decades and have brought to bear their experience and knowledge regarding critical environment control solutions. They are well versed in the design and manufacturer of precision airflow control systems and have supported deployment of their technology for pharmaceuticals, universities, hospitals, government research facilities, and industrial laboratories.

They are a culture that represents the utmost concern for safety – their customers know and recognize their market leadership role and trust them for the design of their Phoenix Controls venture valve and control systems.

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Johnson Controls

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They offer solutions for facility management and critical environments. They have integrated the building environment and energy systems to enhance production operations and optimize equipment. They manufacture heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), security, and fire detection solutions as well as provide both facility and energy management platforms. Their solution focus is on financial services, life sciences, industrial, oil and gas, and the technology sectors. They offer their MetaSys solution and have collaborated with Cisco EnergyWise to offer an integrated solution regarding building automation systems and improved energy management.

Top 3

Convergint Technologies LLC

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The focus is on building automation – with solutions for HVAC control systems, energy management systems, lighting control, indoor air quality, hazardous gas monitoring, Leadership in Energy and will meet or exceed the Environmental Design (LEED) requirements for any facility. Their Critical Environment Control Solution addresses the need for precise control, alarming capabilities, and extensive documentation. This includes focusing on lab environments to centralized server rooms that require tight control of temperature, pressure, and humidity parameters. They have the knowledge to provide the systems and equipment required to maintain a precise environment and can include scheduled or preventive maintenance visits to ensure that the space continues operating at peak optimization.

Top 4

Open Control Systems

These specialists provide a proactive reviews and management of critical building environmental systems. They are committed to supporting customers who require a high functioning environmental system for their facility that may include clean rooms, laboratories and research facilities, healthcare, data centers, and explosion proof environments must adhere to stringent regulations and standards. Maintaining the standards required for these areas requires dependable robust controls. Open Control Systems possesses the expertise to develop systems for all of these varied requirements.

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They offer their flagship, award-winning AccuValve that was designed for the 21st century critical environmental airflow control requirements. The valve meets American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings standards wherein building designers must meet either a prescriptive path with all components of the building meet this standard or the performance path where the proposed building design is demonstrated to use less energy.

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Recently acquired by Accutrol, Tek-Air offers the Smartlab System Airflow Control solutions for maintaining room pressurization and temperature as well as airflow management. They also offer a high performance fume hood monitor, the Apex Premier, that is state-of-the-art technology coupled with high performance and they have airflow probes and alarm modules too.

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American Auto-Matrix

American Auto-Metrixoffers multiple Building Automation and Control Network (BACnet) –based control systems designed for lab and critical environments as well as fume hood control. They also offer fume hood damper actuators, precision damper assemblies, and actuators and cross pitot solutions too.

Top 8

Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC)

They know controls and control systems. They specialize in HVAC and control systems markets as well as the automotive cleanrooms where temperature and humidity are most important. They are most proud of their culture of ‘NO COMPROMISE’ wherein they do not offer a product line or catalog, but instead, they will exceed your organizational requirements to build exactly what you want according to your specifications. They do offer solutions for cleanrooms from ISO 4 through to ISO 8 rated cleanrooms. For critical environments, they offer various temperatures, humidity, and air volume controls

Top 9

Foster Wheeler

They are a leading designer and constructor of facilities used in manufacturing and package products and they offer a full range of solutions suited for biopharmaceuticals, pilot plants, R&D sites, and distribution and logistics centers, to name a few. Their focus is on Health, Safety, & Environmental (HSE) excellence.

Top 10


Their solution allows you to monitor and report on conditions which are most important to your organization concerning select environments. This includes devices for continuously monitoring for power failures, temperature, humidity, water flow, pressure, door contacts, and much more.

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There are many excellent, professional, and knowledgeable sources to consider for your critical environmental needs – take action today and automate!

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