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rivacy and security of data is important today when cases of hacking are frequent and costing companies millions of dollars. It is suggested that you keep data and information secure when it is in storage form, and/or while on transit. This covers documents stored in computers and all forms of communication. In this article, we suggest top ten software and tools you can practically use to secure your data and information in your computer.

Most of the ten tools reviewed below include modern data security tools and features such as a 256-bit key AES encryption algorithm, file shredders that can permanently delete files without possibility of recovery, self extracting files, virtual keyboard, stealth mode, and password recovery.

Most of them can also be used across a range of computer platforms, including Windows 7/ 8/Vista and XP. Some also allow storage of files on cloud after encryption.

How file encryption system works
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Folder Lock

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This is rated the most secure software today for a computing environment because it has many security features than any other reviewed below, is easy and fast to use, and interactive. It comes with lock file that can hide away stored documents, images, and videos at the click of a button. In addition, it has a password security, auto-protect, stealth mode, and hack monitoring feature. The user is also able to delete files and folders irretrievably using the file shredding feature. This solution can also be used with cloud storage.

However, both of these lack advanced safety, privacy and security features offered by their paid counterpart versions such as file shredder, a password generator, virtual keyboard, and a password strength meter.

256-bit key AES encryption method is considered as one of the strongest and those software using the system are considered better that Blowfish and Twofish methods. Blowfish and Twofish methods employ a system where blocks of text or several bits of information are picked at once instead of one bit at a time.

A stealth mode allows hiding of a safety or privacy software such that anyone who accesses the computer will not know that you used it. Like most of the software we will review below, it works on Windows XP, 7/8/Vista.

Top 2

Secure IT

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Although Secure IT does not offer help with password generation, it is rated so highly in that it is easy and very fast to use. However, apart from the 256-bit key encryption algorithm and having a file shredder and self-extracting files feature, it lacks most of the additional secure features such as virtual keyboard and stealth mode.

Top 3

Kruptos 2 Pro

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Kruptos 2 Pro is not as fast a solution for encryption but one of the easiest. The set up wizard gives tips on using the program on small bits as the interface opening progresses. It is also known to compress files better than many of the competitors reviewed here. However, it will increase file size on creating an encrypted self-executable file.

Top 4

Advanced Encryption Package Pro

It incorporates a password strength meter, self-extracting files feature, and a virtual keyboard. Like the Folder Lock, this software makes it easy for the user to access the virtual keyboard security features to offer additional protection against keyloggers who can record your password as you type. However, it does not offer an intuitive way of encrypting and/or decrypting files at the first stage.

Top 5


It actually boasts as having one of the strongest and most secure encryption algorithm.
In addition to having self-extracting files feature and a password strength meter, CryptoForge employs a 256-bit Key AES encryption algorithm.

Top 6

Safe House

This software accomplishes the encryption and decryption task very fast. It uses 256-bit key Blowfish and although it lacks a file shredder, password generator, and self extracting files feature, it has a password strength meter.

Top 7

File Encryption Xp

It uses the 384-bit Key Blowfish encryption method, has a file shredder, password generator and self-extracting files feature. Unfortunately, it lacks top-notch features such as stealth mode and virtual keyboard. Some of the complains include having a complicated encryption process and poor troubleshooting support, although again, it is considered simple to install.

Top 8


SensiGuard is also a considerable competitor in regard to the number of safety and privacy features. It includes a stealth mode, password recovery, self-extracting files feature, password strength meter and a file shredder. However, it lacks a password generator and a virtual keyboard.

Top 9

Privacy Drive

Although not competitive since it lacks almost all the other additional features we mentioned, Privacy Drive employs a 256-bit Key AES encryption algorithm. Although it offers the option of using a 128-bit key encryption, it does not allow you to encrypt folders - only individual files. It also doesn't support Windows XP.

Top 10

VeraCrypt and BitLocker

Most people are comfortable with the free of charge Windows in-built system BitLocker that offers certificates and keys to encrypt and decrypt files. With VeraCrypt, you can create an encrypted volume, and then create another hidden encrypted volume within the first, making it possible to achieve plausible deniability.

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Selection of the right encryption software depends on the encryption needs you have. Stronger encryption solutions are advisable when dealing with extremely sensitive data storage cases while light use can go well with less stronger encryption software.

You might also need to choose an encryption solution based on other factors such as how often you require support from the company depending on your technical know-how level, or say depending on the platform you are using, since some are not compatible with older versions of Windows.

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