Best Review - Top 10 Sales Proposal Software Solution Providers For 2016


he heart and soul of most organizations that sell products and services is the sales proposal. When the prospect says, “send me some information,” the typically is the beginning of the ‘race’ to the finish in closing a deal before declaring success. Everyone who is in sales is not necessarily involved in writing sales proposals and if they are, it usually entails a long arduous and time consuming process – a real team sport. The carefully crafted sales proposal must convince buyers that your product or service is the best choice and one that will solve their unique problem. The proposal must address the problem regardless of how much effort is place into ensuring that the correct fonts were used, graphics, images, data, tables, and other visually appealing characteristics of the “total” package.

Successful proposals are those which make the first page explicitly answer the customer’s question of how your solution, product, or service solves their problem. Use headings, adequately address risk factors, be brief and succinct, and ensure that your conclusion includes a call to action, and a post script, believe it or not. The winning proposal is not an estimate but a very persuasive summary and should be quickly made available to the customer and preferably online.

Here are the top ten sales proposal solution providers for 2016:

Proposal Software
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Qvidian Proposal Software

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– Qvidian provides powerful sales execution solutions which are highly configurable, cloud-based which enable organizations to be agile, efficient, and effective. This translates into accelerating the sales ramp up time, capture new business in cross sell and up sell opportunities, and optimize sales performance by closing the gap between strategy and execution. This results in solutions that are flexible, simplistic, personalized, and consistent with creating proactive proposals, streamlining request for proposal (RFPs), and with sales presentations.

Their expertise includes the sales execution business and they can meet specific customer needs by providing the best of breed sales proposal solutions on the market today. This includes having the capability to serve up any content from any location, drive plays with dynamic rules, integrate tracking from Playbook to customer relationship management (CRM), and drill deeper with robust sales.

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This company offers a wide portfolio of solutions including quote and proposal software. Their products can integrate with Salesforce, NetSuite, Autotask, ConnectWiese, Dell, distributor catalogs, QuickBooks, AvaTax, and ACT! By Sage. Their focus is on providing the best products for industries that include technology solution providers, software, imaging, medical, and professional services for simplicity - quote, propose, and close. Their sales and proposal software solution can turn the mundane tasks into a streamlined quick, easy, and fun process of churning out quotes and proposals.

Top 3


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They offer a cloud-based sales productivity solution suite which is used in building and delivering sales proposals, contracts, and presentations directly from CRM. As a global enterprise software company, Tinderbox enables sales and marketing teams to build more efficient and effective sales processes with a web-based sales solution. The entire cloud-based process helps clients create, control, and close deals faster by quickly generating consistent, trackable sales documents, maintaining the engagement with the prospects, and closing deals faster with electronic signature (E-signature).

Top 4


Their proposal software is consistent, providing rapid proposal creation and ultimately, this translates into better management of your reps’ pipelines and tracking your clients’ proposal analytics. Since their solutions are enterprise, cloud-based, setup and deployment is almost effortless. Some of the product features include automatic formatting, collaboration, contact management, content repository, document management, E-signature, knowledge library, notifications, pipeline management, requirements management, revision management, templates, and version control.

Top 5


This Company provides turn-key solutions and when coupled with other products, can provide dynamic innovative and streamlined packages suitable for any size business in any industry. Their solutions help to increase sales closure rates, simplify processes, personalize data for each customer, permit digital signatures, accept quotes and proposals, and expedite finalization of contracts.

Top 6


The Conga Composer provides customers with a way to build complete, automated sales proposal solutions, incorporate efficiencies and reduce errors, save time, and standardize the process. Their solution also helps users easily create documents and reports in Salesforce CRM. Users can retrieve data and create completely new customized solutions for automating mission-critical processes.

Top 7


This organization provides a cloud-based mobile sales solution that is easily integrated with leading CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Their cloud-based solution unifies marketing, branding, and product information for fast and accurate proposal generation and turn-around. Once the proposal is generated, it automatically pushes relevant data into the CRM and thereby freeing the sales team to focus on the customer.

Top 8


This company offers a document creation and automation service in the cloud. They help businesses, organizations, and individuals merge data into dynamic documents. Many businesses rely on technology to help them interact and engage with other businesses including potential customers. More importantly, there has been a shift in critical communications and improvements in the overall customer experience with which the focus has been placed by revenue and service partners. Teams can manage their time in building relationships and being attentive customers.

Top 9


Their offerings include the Privia Small Business and Privia Enterprise solutions which specialize in capture and proposal management software and services. The company is laser focused on combining the workflows, document sharing, collaboration tools, and enabling bids and proposal development for the win. More recently, they now offer the Graphic Reviewer tools that help to facilitate a collaborative, whiteboard platform that means that the team can review, add comments, and have virtual discussions.

Top 10


This Company is a provider of on-demand, collaborative sales enablement solutions. Regardless of the sales team, their solution enables them to engage customers and close more business. This is accomplished by improvements in customer interactions including email, face-to-face, and web content through the use of real-time visibility and analytics for both sellers and sales leaders. Their solution is a complete platform for sales enablement and provides an entire enterprise – holistic view including sales, marketing, operations, and more.

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