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he beauty of a woman is a relative thing. However, I made a proposal for the most beautiful women athletes to the Olympics in Rio 2016. What is really beautiful? You can affect you. Vote.
This list is a proposal. It is made so that the list find more beauty of various types: brown, black, blue ... a girl from America, Europe, Asia, Australia ... What is really the most beautiful women in the athletes at the Olympic Games Rio 2016? We'll find out by the end of the Olympics. Meanwhile, everyone can have an impact on the ranking list. You just have to vote.
You can vote only in that way, if you send an email to the following address:
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Look for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games beautiful daughters - vote
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Top 1

Ana- Ivanovic - Schweinsteiger

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Serbian Ana Ivanovic Serbian professional tennis player. Born in Belgrade, 6 November 1987. Her husband Bastian Schweinsteiger, the English Manchester United midfielder. German football player Bastian. Ana Ivanovic's biggest success in 2008, winning Roland Garros (where Gyinara Safina defeated in the finals) and then took the lead in the global top rankings in 12 weeks, which he took from her Serbian Jelena Jankovic is also.

Top 2

Lina Zhao

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Lina Zhao of the Chinese soccer team's goalkeeper. Born September 18, 1991.

Top 3

Amelia Solo

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Amelia Solo double Olympic gold medalist and World Cup gold medalist. A player from the United States women's soccer team. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world women's football. Since 2003, professional players.

Top 4

Melanie Adams

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Melanie Adams was born in Melbourne in Australia. Pole vaulter. At the age of 11 he started to deal with this sport. The London Olympics in 2012, won the championship. Was not yet 21 years no. A vote that he was the most beautiful female athletes to the London Olympics. As a very beautiful woman, known photochemical model. The hope is that she will be Miss Universe.

Top 5

Jaqueline Carvalho

The 31-year-old Jaqueline Carvalho beautifully demonstrates that a woman's beauty does not depend on age. One of the legendary Brazilian women's volleyball team's outstanding player. In the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics also won a gold medal.

Top 6

Marsha Cox

Marsha Cox (née Marsha Mareschia), South Africa's Field Hockey team. The Dutch hockey coach Alexander Cox's wife. Marsha South African field hockey team captain. More than 300 strong team. So far, three Olympics and two World Cups took part.

Top 7

Leryn Franco

A model, actress, and professional athlete, she has competed in the 2004, 2008, and the 2012 Olympics.
Her best throw was 57.77 meters and set the national record for her country in 2011.

Top 8

Antonija Sandric

The 28-year-old Antonija Sandrić born in Sibenik, Croatia. Antonija Sandrić 5'11 "tall. Since 2005, professional basketball player.
She was the 2012 London Summer Olympics women's finest athletes. Antonija Sandrić now the French Toulouse Métropole player.

Top 9

Jakabos Zsuzsa

Zsuzsa Jakabos of Pecs in Hungary was born April 3 1989th
Several times Hungarian champion and record holder and European champion swimmer. The Hungarian women's swimming team member.

Top 10

Elen Hoog

Ellen Hoog of the Netherlands as the team has won two Olympic titles (2008 and Beijing 2012 London) and won two world titles (2006 Madrid and The Hague in 2014).

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Visit every day this website, look at page every day. You might read something important! Pictures submitted woman athlete can be viewed at: page: RIO 2016

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