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WordPress is a great choice for anyone building a website, although personally I simply love Drupal and that's the one I use, I know that MANY people love Wordpress the same way I do love Drupal, and that's fine. One advantage of Wordpress over Drupal is the number of plugins there are.. Impressive!

Well cbproads has a Wordpress plugin which allow you to create Clickbank niche stores very easily, displaying all available products in a specific niche. If you want to have a look at an example of all the niche storefronts they allow you to use already, go to my top list devoted to them, here:
Top 20 ClickBank ProAds Storefronts to promote products without a website

Having a clickbank niche storefront installed on your own Wordpress website is preferred, than using 'clickbank affiliate niche storefronts'. Here are a few reasons if you're motivated but not so sure yet, it is a comparison chart showing advantages & disadvantages of both..

WordPress Clickbank store
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With the Clickbank Niche Storefront WP Plugin you own the storefront completely. On the other hand with the standard clickbank affiliate niche storefront the site is owned by cbproads and shared by many of their affiliate members using their affiliate ID embedded in the url.

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With the WP plugin you can promote on your own domain name as you host the site with your preferred hosting provider and you have the complete control over source files and your storefront.
While with the standard way you can promote the storefront on your domain name too (by using domain forwarding option of your domain registrar's control panel). As the hosting is done by cbproads, you have no control over the source files as any changes made to it is affecting all affiliates's storefronts.

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Domain name

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You need to purchase a domain name and a hosting plan. But it is not costly. You can get them for a price less than the cost of a movie theater ticket. I mean the domain name alone (if you already have the hosting) is less than $10 per year. While a domain + a web hosting can be purchased for cheap, also less than $10, but per month.. It is nothing when compared to the earnings you'll make with that, assuming you promote it of course.

This was for the Wordpress plugin version of course because for the standard clickbank affiliate niche storefront it is not necesary that you should purchase a domain name. You can promote it directly by using the storefront url given by cbproads. It costs nothing extra unless you want to promote on your domain name (which you can get for less than $10 per year usually).

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Technical skills required

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With the WP plugin then of course you should have a fair knowledge in wordpress installation and other technical things to some extent.
While the standard niche storefront is pre set up. No need of techinical knowledge required.

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SEO (Search Engine optimisation)

The WP plugin is 100% SEO friendly as it is based on Wordpress's already outstanding SEO value...
On the other hand the standard niche storefront should be promoted without relying on search engines at all, as you have little options when you want to promote this storefront through SEO.

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Graphic Design

With the WP plugin comes total freedom, your site can have a unique appearance by choosing a different custom header or logo. And generally the more technical skills you have or can buy, the better customised design you can do.
But for the standard niche storefront, the same design is used by all of their affiliate members. Which is not bad in itself, since you're promoting it by your own means and the internet is so vast that it is very unlikely a random visitor will have seen that niche store you're promoting at some point in his life before..

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Additional Content

You will be able to add your own content/post/articles to your WordPress clickbank niche storefront.
It is simply not possible with the standard one..

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Third-Party scripts and plugins

On the WP plugin you can add your own Google ads/widgets or other HTML snippets to it. It is highly customizable.
Once again it's not possible on the standard niche storefront.

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List Building

With the WP plugin, your visitors will come to your storefront, buy products or click on your other third-party widgets but that's it, nothing else happen in terms of email list building.
On the standard niche storefront there is often a box on the right column which ask the visitor for his name/email and that goes directly into cbproads's mailing list. So cbproads owner is building a large mailing list of people interested in each niche.. That's very powerful tool to have when you are in the affiliate marketing business. With the WP plugin, at least you're in control and should build your mailing list, for this see AWeber which gives you a script to put a box asking your visitors for their name/email so that you can build your own mailing list which will be very profitable in a few months.

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With the WP plugin, what you're doing is building a real website, one that you can then later on sale to a potential buyer at the price you set. After months of promotion of your site and making sales you can show potential buyers that your site is profitable, and then sale it (domain name and the files) for several months of your monthly income.
Wit the standard niche storefront, the domain name is not yours, the files are not yours. No matter how many hours you put into the promotion of your standard niche storefront, at the end of the day it is not yours. Just a difference is if you bought a domain name to hide the standard niche storefront real url and then have been promoting only that domain name, then after months, years of such hard work, then you can sell the domain name to someone who can enjoy the benefits by building his own store or by using cbproads, either wp plugin or standard niche storefront..

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As you can see, if you already use Wordpress to build your sites / blogs, then it makes perfect sense to use the Wordpress plugin for Clickbank Niche Storefronts.. Even if you're like me and enjoy Drupal to build your sites, it would make sense to install Wordpress for the purpose of using the plugin instead of relying on the niche storefront that cbproads provides..
That's something to think about.. Personally it was not my goal to use anything else than their contextual widget when I bought the lifetime membership at cbproads but I was impressed by what there is on offer when you're a member of cbproads. Although I wouldn't like to have a free membership and share 50% of my clickbank commissions with the webmaster, as a free member, I understand it can make sense for some people who are in some specific situations.

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