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ebsiteBabble is a webmaster forum created by Lisa from it is a nice forum that you should really check out and register to if you want to discuss all things related to webmastering. Good feeling there. Those are the top queries from search traffic in general to this site, of course this is going to change, but right now that's how it is..

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chmod 777

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chmod 777 is a unix command, used in ftp in order to make a directory or a file readable, writable and executable by anyone.

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website babble

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This shows that people are searching for the name of the forum, always a good sign!

Top 3

cheap backlinks

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Many people believe that backlinks are important for their site's ranking in the search engine.. Well it's not that simple but anyway, people find the forum while looking for cheap backlinks..

Top 4

google adsense check

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Yes, people like to see the check of google adsense, especially BIG ONES!

Top 5

youtube to mp3 script

Hmm.. what those people want to do with youtube videos? Maybe they don't know Download Media Helper firefox add on.. oh well..

Top 6

chmod -r 777

chmod -r 777 is the same as chmod 777 (see above) but the -r argument tells the system to do it also for all sub-directories (r for recursive)

Top 7

paypal debit card

Perhaps people want to verify their paypal account with a debit card or rather they want to use their paypal money in an ATM and withdraw the cash.. Well I don't know about you, but I like my paypal money to pay for online services and products, I don't care about withdrawing cash to buy things locally, for this I have my credit card already..

Top 8

website forums

Well I guess people are looking for webmaster forums, what for? To find help I'm sure..

Top 9

adbrite vs adsense

That's for people who have been banned from adsense and are now looking for an alternative to adsense.. Well let's say there is no real competitor to adsense, but if you have no choice then you can turn to Chitika and.. yes, adbrite if for some reason you can't get into Chitika..

Top 10

how to create a subdomain

Well they search for how to create a subdomain, going to a forum won't help them much because they'll find the answer on the specific web hosting company they're using to host their domain.. It will be in their faq page.. That's what they're going to be told when they ask this question on

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As you can see all queries are related to webmastering, it is a clear evidence that websitebabble IS a webmaster forum where you can form relationships with fellow webmasters and bloggers, as you know we need networking if we want to succeed online.

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