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s an outlander in Turkey and visiting everything in sight, I can attest to the best places for a tourist! Turkey is an amazing cultural and landscape viewing country, with people who give you the warmest feeling of being accepted and introduced in the family, even if you haven't exchanged more than a few words. The heaven of baklava, sahlep, kebab and mosques, besides the traditional costumes and music that sounds loudly on every street in the cities, I would recommend Turkey with an open heart and a clear view! Go for it as a newly wed couple or as friends, you will fiind a chance to entertain yourself in every position possible!

This top includes seaside, mountains, not-so-popular cities and touristic attractions too! Don't miss on a great experience, guided by someone who had the opportunity to live there!

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A unique experience and definetly one not to miss! Walking up an unusual mountain while having hot water around your feet? Yes, please! Also, Cleopatra's pool at the top is not to miss, taking you to a time most people only dream about.

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Beach, sand, forest, bungalows, family-friendly staff that cook traditional food for you, this is a Heaven on Earth kind of place. And did I mention the close Chimaera mountain, with the Yanartaş - rocks on fire - with an only 3 km walking distance? If you are looking for a place of complete peace and beauty, here it is.

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Walking down the river, seeing and feeding turtles, having a boat ride with a guide to explain the history of the place and traditional food in the one-hour break you get, you'd think this is a trip for old couples. You also get a bath in the mud - not too fancy, but you skin will glow for weeks and in the thermal water! It is indeed a kind of resort for a more relaxing vacation, but if you are a fan of nature and walking around to discover new, untouched-by-humans places, this is a go to.

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Definetly a place to consider since there is the amazing Butterfly Valley where you can cover yourself in butterflies!

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Acient history combined with a little cardio and uphill walking? I'd take it everyday! Also worth considering catching the sunset or sunrise there, for an amazing surprise!

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A place I got by mistake, but the view you get at night and the feeling the city gives is unforgettable!

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Turkey was not built in a day! If history is your soft spot, this is a place you shouldn't miss. Worth going even if you just want something different, since you get a walk through the formation of one of the biggest empires and also the downfall of some amazing structures.

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Not to be missed, sure as hell to be one of the most beautiful cities to visit, I left it behind because and search would give it as a first with loads of information about everything there is to see. I recommend visit the popular places, but also take a walk through the city and get the feeling of really being there. Go to the bazar, talk to people and not let them force you into buying loads of stuff, try a fish sandwich on the Bosfor bridge and Mercimek Corbasi (lentils soup) at a traditional restaurant, or the Sahlep at the entrance of the Blue Mosque - these are unique sensations not to be missed!

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A beautiful, quiet city that I would revisit for a unique place to eat! - Gozlemecim! The owner is more friendly than most of my friends and family and he cooks the perfect Gozleme - a kind of pie of whatever you choose! Be it salty or sweet, I ate there until I felt like rolling over.

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An interesting city to try the best Kebab(and cheap also!) and to have a view of the beautiful river that leads the way to the student campus.

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Go for it! Don't over think it, there's no way you can over do it (maybe just with the food, but why are there gyms in your city?) and just over ride there any means of transportation!

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