Best Review - Top 10 Pirate Birthday Party Ideas


pirate-themed birthday party is not only popular - they are really fun for both kids AND adults. Below are my top 10 ideas and supplies for a pirate birthday party.

If you're like me, you get tired of searching ALL over the internet when you need the supplies to put a party together. A great pirate birthday party has LOTS of parts...and they're all right here. Feel free to any product picture to get more details and/or read the reviews. Enjoy matey!

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Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

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This is the whole page full of ideas for a pirate-themed birthday party. There are some really cute ideas as well as good deals I've found.

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Pirate Birthday Party Pinatas

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A Pinata is a great addition to any birthday party. Here are some great ideas and good deals for pirate party pinatas.

Top 3

Pirate Birthday Party Invitations

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If you're gonna have a birthday party, you need invitations! Here are some ideas and deals on pirate party invitations (and thank you notes).

Top 4

Pirate Birthday Party Packs

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To save money when throwing a birthday party, it is a good idea to get a birthday party kit that has everything you need as opposed to buying your plates, napkins, cups, etc separately. Here are some great deals on pirate birthday party packs.

Top 5

Pirate Birthday Party Games

Of course you'll want the kids to play games at your pirate birthday party, but WHAT games to play? Here are some game ideas I've come across.

Top 6

Pirate Birthday Party Favors

Don't forget the goody bags and party favors! Here are some unique ideas and good deals.

Top 7

Pirate Birthday Cake Ideas

Trying to think of what kind of cake to have at your pirate-themed birthday party? HEre are some great ideas.

Top 8

Pirate of the Caribbean Party Supplies

Pirates of the Caribbean is a very popular birthday party theme. Here's all the supplies you need at the best prices.

Top 9

Pirate Party Decorations

A great assortment of ideas for pirate party decorations and decorating ideas.

Top 10

Best Deals on Pirate Birthday Party Supplies

This is where I've found the best deals on all pirate birthday party supplies. Just click to see the party favors, birthday packs, decorations and more.

Do you like this top?

Have any other ideas for a pirate-themed party? Leave me a note in the comments below or feel free to check out my entire page about Pirate Birthday Party Ideas. Have a great party!

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