Best Review - Top 10 Paper Dolls For Grown Ups


e often think of paper dolls being for little girls and many are produced with that market in mind. However, some become paper dolls for grown ups due to them becoming a collectible after a while. The antique and vintage paper dolls are usually expensive enough that little hands should not touch them to play with.

Although my list could certainly be used to purchase paper dolls for little girls, I mostly had the big girl who is still in touch with her "inner little girl" in mind when I wrote these articles.

Antique Paper Dolls
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Shirley Temple Paper Dolls

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Shirley Temple was beloved by many when she was small and making movies. It is no wonder that companies produced lines of paper dolls featuring the adorable little pixie for girls to play with. Now they are highly collectible.

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The History Of Paper Dolls

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The history of paper dolls is really quite fascinating. For instance do you know when the first paper doll was produced for the masses? And did you know that there is a golden age of paper dolls just like there is a golden age for comics?

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Dover Paper Dolls

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Dover paper dolls are still produced today and often times they showcase historical periods of clothing or politicians and entertainers. These are definitely paper dolls for grown ups. You can find everything from High Fashion designs by designers like Yves St. Laurant, political paper dolls, and even great literary dolls. Presidents and First Ladies have been made into paper doll sets, too.

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Some Vintage Paper Dolls

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Vintage paper dolls can still be found at auctions and websites that specialize in collectible items. Do you remember playing with Betsy McCall or Shirley Temple paper dolls?

Top 5

Wedding Paper Dolls

There are several paper doll sets showcasing weddings and brides both new and vintage. Some show brides from around the world while others are just fun examples of wedding attire.

Top 6

Paper Doll Fairies

Many little girls and big girls, too, love fairies. Having some paper doll fairies just adds to the fun.

Top 7

Paper Dolls Inspired By Disney

Most of the Disney Princesses have paper dolls portraying them from Tinkerbell to Cinderella there are sets to entertain everyone.

Top 8

Magnetic Paper Dolls

Magnetic paper dolls are relatively new and are good for little girls to begin to play with paper dolls. They are easier to keep the clothes on and you don't have to worry about the tabs being torn off.

Top 9

Barbie Paper Dolls

Yes, the ever popular fashion doll by Mattel has several sets of paper dolls.

Do you like this top?

So, go ahead and have some fun thinking about collecting paper dolls for grown ups.

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