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esidents of Southern California love to spend time outdoors and nowhere is this more true than in the tiny town of Laguna Beach, California. Some of the residents there seem to spend the entire day outside! Best of all, since this portion of the state of California only gets about 13 inches of rain a year, there is no reason not to spend time outside the year around.

Of course, it would be boring to spend so much time outside if we didn't have plenty of activities to keep us busy. In general, this beach town is continually full of active people who are enjoying all the sports that are available.

Below are some of the top things you may want to do if you spend time in Laguna Beach.

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Learn to Paddleboard

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One of the most popular new sports in Laguna Beach, and throughout Southern California, is Stand Up Paddleboarding. It involves using an oversize board, similar to a giant surfboard. You stand on it with a long paddle and can comfortably travel along the coast. There are several companies in town that can give you lessons, rent you a board and even take you on a tour.

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Rent a Kayak

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To be honest, kayaking is probably easier in some of the coastal communities that have harbors and bays ... such as Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. However, if you are comfortable in a kayak and feel that you can get past the breakers, there are some interesting coves that you can only reach from the water ... and a kayak is a fun way to get there.

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Take Surfing Lessons

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Want to try your hand at surfing? There are a number of surfing schools in the area and even some of the hotels offer surfing classes in the summer ... or they can refer you to someone else. Surfing is more difficult than paddleboarding, but it is a fun sport.

Top 4

Scuba Diving

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Diver's Cove is just north of Main Beach in Laguna Beach and it is a popular place to learn to scuba dive or enjoy the sport. People have even seen whales under the water in Diver's Cove, so it can be quite a thrilling experience. Don't go alone, however. The kelp can be thick and one diver drowned when he got caught in it and could not free himself.

Top 5

Hiking in the Laguna Wilderness Area

If you like to keep your feet on the ground, try hiking in the 20,000 acre Laguna Wilderness area that lines both sides of Laguna Canyon Road. There are several places where you can park along the road and, in some locations, the ocean views are spectacular. Wear hiking boots. Rattlesnakes are common residents of the wilderness area.

Top 6

Bicycling around Laguna Beach

If you love to go bicycling, a number of groups of bicyclists enjoy riding along the Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Canyon Road and in the Laguna Wilderness Area. You may find that you would enjoy traveling around the town on a bicycle, too!

Top 7

Beach Volleyball

Laguna Beach maintains several beach volleyball courts and it can be a fun way to spend the day, get a tan and have plenty of exercise.

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In addition to the volleyball courts, there are also a couple of hard surfaced basketball courts at Main Beach, near where Laguna Canyon Road intersects with the Pacific Coast Highway.

Top 9

Swimming and Body Surfing

What beach vacation would be complete without at least one swim in the ocean? Even if you never get on a surfboard or paddleboard, you can use your own body to surf the waves!

Top 10


Finally, there are several charming places to walk in Laguna Beach ... through the shopping areas in town, along the boardwalk at Main Beach, and up above the waves along Cliff Drive. Wherever you walk, you can enjoy the exercise, fresh air and great weather the town has to offer.

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If you are planning a trip to Southern California, you will want to make sure you try your hand at some of the activities listed here. There are businesses throughout the town that can give you classes, rent you the equipment or take you on action-packed tours.

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