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njoy writing articles on many topics especially social justice. Swim cycle and run every week as well as drink tea and playing snooker.

Barry Rutherford
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Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky

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Coco Chanel from her Milliners Shop opened in 1912 rose to become one the leading fashion houses of the 20th century. Igor Stravinsky a Russian Composer of the same era became romantically attatched to Chanel. This is their stories.

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Death Penalty: Execution by Appointment

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Death Penalty is an archaic penalty that should be abolished. Here are some of the reasons listed in this article.

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Can Twitter change the world one tweet at a time

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Twitter has become a universally used social media platform to communicate everything from a social revolution to the price of coffee. It widespread acceptance across the globe make it a very powerful and influential media tool.

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Reasons the Death Penalty should be abolished

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There are many reasons the death penalty should be abolished. First and foremost it is a barbaric act of murder carried out by the state at a time of its choosing.

Top 5

Whats happening to the Mountains of West Virginina

Mountain Top removal mining is destroying the beautiful landscape of West Virginia. The same mountains that John Denver once crooned about in his sugary ballads.

Top 6

Cost of Gun Deaths in America

Gun Violence continues to place a heavy toll on American Society. The economic costs have been quantified by a leading research Actuary.

Top 7

Princess Mary of Denmark story

Princess Mary was once a Real Estate Agent in the fashionable suburb of Double Bay in Sydney. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics she met the future King of Denmark in a hotel and the rest as they say is pure fairytale.

Top 8

British Shops: Famous British Stores

British Stores are famous around the globe. Here is a top ten list of the most famous shops and department stores in England.

Top 9

England in the 1960's

The Fashion and music scene of the 1960's represent a nostalgic time for many brits. Here are a few of those reasons why.

Top 10

4th generation nuclear power plants

Nuclear power has been a controversial form of power generation since its inception. Recent advances called 4th generation off the promise of far safer and cleaner power generation.

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