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any movies involve a flashback sequence as someone remembers or describes a previous experience and we are taken back in time to see it and some movies frame their entire story in flashback. Other movies that might make such a list include Rebecca, with the narrator telling her story years on from the event or The Hobbit trilogy which is framed by Bilbo setting his previous adventures out to Frodo before the Lord Of The Rings events commence. The Star Wars movies are flashbacks as we know from the scrolling introduction that the events took place long ago, far away. What we get is essentially an old history lesson / fairy tale.

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Top 10

A Gunfight

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A rarely seen 1971 Western starring Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash about two legendary gunfighters preparing a very public final gunfight against each other for a big cash prize - the flashback devise shows three things - the build up to the shooting, and the events in the lives of each man in turn if he won and killed the other before returning to the instant the men are due to shoot in the draw - neither man has a happy life if he wins

Top 9

Sunset Boulevard

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Usually a flashback tells us the person reminiscing survived the events being related but in this movie, the flashback is given by the ghost of the man seen dead in the swimming pool right at the start, (William Holden) relating to us how he got there

Top 8

They Shoot Horses Don't They?

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Any movie set against historic events is a flashback tale by nature; this is a depression depression era movie about dance marathons; framed against what seem to be flashback hints about a murder, but that is actually the more recent events depicted with the dance hall events s a flashback within the flashback.

Top 7


amnesia is always a good excuse for flashbacks, and here, the hero can only remember the last 15 minutes at any time, so the entire story is given in piecemeal flashback chunks as he finds ways to discover his shocking back story

Top 6

Lawrence Of Arabia

The hero, played by Peter O'Toole dies in a motorbike accident at the start, with the entire movie giving a flashback to his life like an obituary set out after that event. Gandhi does the same, being a flashback after the great man's assassination

Top 5

Citizen Kane

The most famous and best movie of all time is entirely given in flashback - Kane dies mumbling Rosebud and a reporter pieces together his entire life trying to find out what it meant - though it was a very trivial childhood memory as he discovers at the end.

Top 4

Kind Hearts And Coronets

A killer sets out his memoirs as he awaits trial, involving his murders of Alec Guinness playing eight different murder victims - with a great twist on the ending

Top 3


Humbert-Humbert has been arrested or murder and child molestation already and sets out his story to set the record straight before his trial though we are told he will die before being convicted. The flashback is used in the original Nabokov novel too.

Top 2

Vanishing Point

A driver faces a police roadblock, which he contemplates trying to break through or not doing so - trying could kill him - he remembers the events leading him to face that dilemma before putting his foot to the pedal to achieve a very literal vanishing point in the bleakest road movie ever

Top 1


Most fans only realize this was a flashback movie on a second viewing. It ends as a classy moped stolen by Phil Daniels hurtles over Beachyhead and shatters on the rocks below. Viewers wonder if this suggests the unseen rider has gone over the cliff with it - watched again the opening seconds of the movie show him walking back from the cliff right after throwing the bike over the cliff so his survival is then finally confirmed and the rest of the movie is then instantly seen in flashback context.

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Those are my suggestions - Feel free to remind me of those I forgot.

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