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ello everyone and welcome to our compilation of guides on, here you will see 20 of their most popular guides that are helping people with choosing the right laptop. Other than guides, you will also find some of the best guides of laptops for under different budgets and specifications. They also write reviews on latest laptops and have been recently featured in reputed magazines for their work. The site is handled by most of the professional experts that are working hard every day to bring you the most accurate reviews. So what are you guys waiting for? Scroll down and check out the guide that might interest you.

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10 Budget Laptops under $100 - 2017

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Of course it's very hard to find the laptops that cost under $100 and it can be a nightmare for those who have very less knowledge about computers. Anyways here is a guide from BLW that will show you the most reliable options that you can trust and use it for a long time.

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Cheap Gaming Laptops under 500 dollars - 2017

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After $100 regular laptops, here comes the list of gaming laptops under $500 that have enough power for most of the games. Since these notebooks are extremely budget options they won't be able to play most of the titles on high settings but will run smoothly on low to medium graphics. Feel free to buy one of these and we're sure that you'll never be disappointed.

Top 3

Best Laptops under 600 Dollars - 2017

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Well, this might seem like on number but in reality it was the first post they ever published and has been kind of popular since then. This specific guide has helped thousands of users to find the perfect laptop under $600 and not only for their day to day tasks but also for their college and business use.

Top 4

Best Laptops under $300 - 2017

Here comes the best guide of all laptops that cost under $300. On the internet you'll find hundreds of these kinds of guides but it's absolutely amazing how BLW has compiled this in their own style. They have been writing these kinds of guides for most of the different budget users and as you can see there are guides for people with budget from $100 to $2000. You can buy any of these laptops under $300 with confidence.

Top 5

Best Laptops for Colleges - 2017

When it comes to choosing a notebook for colleges, it's certainly the most difficult task and no matter what you choose for a student, they will regret a year later because there are many things happening with their life constantly and they keep find new programs and games to run which makes it extremely hard to finalize a laptop for college students. Anyways in this list, you will find a perfect notebook according to your budget and we're sure you'll never regret buying one of them.

Top 6

Laptops under $700 - 2017

When it comes to choosing a laptop under 700 dollars, it's really no big deal as there are many options available which will satisfy you. So feel free to check out this guide on BLW as well as other guides on the internet and make sure you choose the laptop from your favorite brand.

Top 7

Best Sims 4 Laptops - 2017

Well, this specific guide will help you with choosing a laptop for playing a game known as The Sims 4. Yes, there are also these kinds of guides lately which are helping people with their limited needs and it should run their program or game pretty smoothly. You just have to make sure to check their official requirements and see that your upcoming laptop meet their needs. That's it!

Top 8

Laptops under $400 - 2017

These kinds of budget laptops are pretty common as well and you can literally find hundreds of these types of guides too. When it comes to laptops under $400 you will have to look for best of bests and one can have really hard time while searching. If you look at BLW's guide, you'll see how easy they have made it to buy according to your favorite brand and specifications. You can also opt-in for a laptop with Intel Core i5 processor for such price which is simply unbelievable.

Top 9

Best SSD Laptops 2017

These days everyone prefers SSD over HDD and we all know the reason. Of course, it's the speed that's offered with SSD laptop and its performance which is flawless. In this guide you will find 5 of the best Solid State laptops that pack a decent SSD for an average price. Almost everyone owns a laptop with SSD in 2017 including the notebooks in our office. Also we keep suggesting to our users that they never go with a laptop that comes with a classic HDD because there isn't really a big price difference these days.

Top 10

Best i7 Laptops

When you're looking for the most powerful laptops, you only have one choice which is i7 laptops. This guide is all about the best i7 laptops in 2017 and I believe this is their one of the best lists that has attracted thousands of certified buyers already and the number simply keeps increasing every single day. So let us know what you think about these laptops in our comments box.

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