Best Review - Top 10 Most Popular Backyard Woodworking Projects


nybody with even an ounce of diy woodworking skills will have wanted to build a garden shed once in a while. Or one of the many other home improvement projects that are always popular and never go out of fashion. There is just something very satisfying about designing and building a wooden structure in your backyard.

The good news is that some of the favorite ones are not hard to do. Having a good set of woodworking plans always helps, of course, but the key requirement is a good eye for measuring. Having sold woodworking plans for many hundreds of do it yourself projects over the years I have selected the following as the ones which I think are the ten most popular.

Building A Garden Shed Is A Great DIY Woodworking Project
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Top 1

Build A Garden Shed

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Definitely the most loved backyard project. Planning and building a shed to your exact requirements is simple and exciting. Do it right, and you will have a building that is not only useful but is also a prominent feature of your garden or yard.

Top 2

Build A Chicken Coop

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Keeping free range hens in your backyard? Many people are, these days. Having your own fresh eggs is a wonderful experience. But keeping your hens happy and safe without too much work on your part requires a well-designed chicken coop, not just some bits of timber and wire thrown together.

Top 3

Build A Doghouse

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Do you have a dog? Even if it spends most of its time indoors it will appreciate its own house in the garden for hot or rainy days. The dog house should be a reflection of your love and affection for Fido. These are simple little buildings, and most owners will make one sooner or later.

Top 4

Build A Summer House

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A summer house or gazebo is a luxury but, once built, you will wonder how you ever did without it. A retreat for some personal meditation; a quiet office to write that novel; a teenagers’ den to give you some space in your own home; a wedding venue to bring in some handy extra cash. Summer houses are growing in popularity for all sorts of reasons.

Top 5

Make A Garden Bench

Outdoor furniture can be a great way to start your diy woodworking hobby. Simple to design and build, not too fussy about measuring and cutting if you like the ‘rustic’ look, a garden bench is a useful and happy addition for any garden.

Top 6

Build A Hot Tub

Hot tubs are all the rage these days. The water can be solar heated to save costs. Some people build their hot tubs in their summer houses! They need careful structural design because of the weights involved (I mean the water not the occupants!).

Top 7

Build A Pergola

Every garden needs some shady areas, and a pergola is a great way to do this in an attractive way. Also good for vines or other climbing plants.

Top 8

Make A Firewood Storage Shed

More of a utility than a feature but very important all the same. Some are small and tucked away, others are a bit more obvious – it depends on your winter wood requirements.

Top 9

Make A Patio Table And Chairs

These are expensive sets to buy so making your own is very sensible.

Top 10

Build A Covered BBQ Pit

Popular for people who enjoy a lot of time in their garden or backyard. It makes the BBQ more of an event, more central to your family’s outdoor lifestyle.

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There are plenty more diy woodworking projects to enjoy, and you can get a lot of good ideas by looking through home improvement magazines or landscaping books. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a good set of wood working plans, which will ensure you DON’T waste time and materials and that you DO get exactly what you wanted at the start.

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